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Sherry and Ron B Palmer map the way for parents to find their way out of the tyranny, bigotry, and lies of the family courts. “We are helping parents all over the United States stop the abuse of power. Let’s not lose another parent-child relationship to these family courts.”1 That means that this battle must be fought on several fronts and the most important one is on the front line in the courtroom every day by every parent. Next is making sure that you are demonstrating publicly that you are unhappy with the current state of the way the courts have taken the liberty to sweep your rights under the rug and run your life and your child’s life in divorce. If you continue to allow them to put you on the hamster wheel, you’ll never get out. So parents are having to find tremendous strength and make decisions that put them at risk of losing their time with their child as well as their financial means in order to fight this war. And third is presenting a solution to the court that is in compliance with the constitution.

(The short video on this page will introduce you to new methods that can help you win your child custody hearing right now.)

For some demonstrating publicly comes in the form of writing letters and columns and blogs. For others it is in signing petitions. All of these are important, but what remains to be the most visually stimulating and powerful demonstration, second only to the individual front line courtroom objections and standing up to abuse of power, are the rallies where everyone convenes in one place at the same time. This, the government knows, takes a commitment that surpasses most. To boycott, picket, strike, and rally are the last resort methods that generations tend to use as peaceful means to persuade the government to behave or lose their power.

Alice Paul’s best friend and assistant put it best when she told the women factory workers why she thought it was important to march in the parade for women’s right to vote:

“I think a thousand women marching means more than 10,000 signatures on a piece of paper. Suffrage is not a dead issue. It’s us, it’s YOU, it’s living breathing women. We’re not just a petition that can be crumbled up and tossed away. And this is what marching does” she said. 2

If you and your child have been separated or you know someone who has been separated from a loved one by the very courts that are supposed to protect those bonds…

On November 14, 2014 at 1 p.m. est at the Washington D.C. State Capitol (see map to grassy area 1), the day before the Divorce Corp Reform Conference, we spoke to tell the world how many people have been hurt by the improper use of the “best interest of the child” doctrine and the improper use of State power to issue alimony and child support. Show those that have been using their power to keep you down that you won’t be fearful anymore, that you won’t be intimidated, or hide, or keep silent any longer. Show that you are important, that your voice matters, that you are here, that being with your children matter. Every time you speak out, this is what you do.

How much more will you need to be hurt before this becomes a priority for you?

Thousands of people lose their lives every day because of abuse of power in the family courts. Don’t let another person burn on the steps of a courthouse, another parent and child die in a supervised visit, another child take their own life, another parent be cut off from their child because they didn’t take them to McDonald’s, another parent go so broke that they can no longer afford to fight to see their child. Don’t let another court spend a child’s future on family studies; a child’s college fund on psych evals and therapy, etc. Don’t waste another dime on attorneys that refuse to protect your rights and your child’s rights.

How many more children need to be hurt through court-induced parental alienation™?

How many more parents will go broke trying to prove parental alienation and trying to save their relationship with their children? How many people need to go bankrupt? How many more people will be forced to fight like this?

We help you understand the process and what to expect. This way you don’t waste time and fall into the rabbit holes that lead you down paths of hiring expensive experts and trying to address problems that the courts create in order to keep you enmeshed in the process and tangled up with your ex.

Will you commit to doing some simple things before you or your child become another statistic?

You can make a difference right now and you can start contributing to making this issue one where there is nothing for the court’s to force the parents to fight over. Women don’t have to fight to vote anymore. Blacks don’t have to fight to eat at the lunch counters anymore. Parents are still fighting because each and every one of you are not standing up to the abuse of power every day.

Here is how you fight this:

  1. Learn your rights. (Your rights organized in one place here: NOT In the Childs Best Interest

  2. Make a commitment to fight back.

A. Use your rights in court.

B. Rally to show those in power that you are committed to protecting those rights.

C. Go to conferences to learn more, make connections, and strengthen your efforts individually and together.


  1. Do not agree to go with the status quo any longer. Object to everything the court tries to impose on you and your child regardless of whether they still order it. – Follow through with appeal regardless of whether you win. [Learn how to argue on appeal with Sherry and Ron B Palmer and get explanations on understanding caselaw and other parts of the process in videos like this one:]
  2. Do not agree to hire an attorney if they cannot demonstrate that they know what your constitutional parental rights and your child’s rights are and know and agree to challenge any statutes that impose on these rights. Get a free Attorney-Parent agreement with your rights and your child’s rights here:

  3. Do not let the courts intimidate you into giving in. That’s your fear taking over and when you let that take over, you are no longer fighting. Learn to fight this fear with Sherry and Ron B Palmer free videos here:

  1. Use what you know is proven to empower and give leverage to you and your child – your constitutional rights taught by Sherry and Ron B Palmer here in their parental rights book here IMPORTANT NOTE: If you veer off into tangent battles, like battles over sovereignty and grand jury, you are losing focus. Your battle should be to restore your ability to decide for yourself and your child. Adding additional battles onto this to try and prove something else will only prolong your battle as well as increase your expenses.

We will be welcoming Patrick Glynn who is walking from Boston to the Capitol for the millions of lives that are affected every day and the thousands of lives and relationships that are lost. You can follow his walk and participate with him here: tyranny government fear the people

When State power in any form goes above and beyond and exceeds their authority, and continues to get away with it, we begin to lose the very essence of what it means to be an American. The family courts and the judiciary are exceeding their authority when they award child support, alimony, and a child to one parent over the other without proving their authority under the supreme law of the land.

There are many people who say they cannot come to this rally and cannot make it to the Reform Conference…they say that it is too far and too expensive. Ask yourself how far is too far and how expensive is too expensive? This won’t change until it becomes important to each and every one of you.

It was far too expensive for blacks to boycott the buses and have no way to get to work. It was expensive for women that worked in factories to miss work to participate in the parade for women’s rights. “If we take Sunday off to la ti da for you, we get fired on Monday. You have children mrs? They don’t eat ballots.”[i]

If you cannot make this a priority then Washington, your local politicians, and the courts will not make it one either. “Go ahead shut your head off, the ruling class are those who have a voice and that voice is a vote. No one hears you”

Some people face higher prices than others. Some have to travel farther. Some have less money than others. Some will have to walk, take a bus, ask someone to help them get there.

Some will be threatened with imprisonment because they are under such a burden to work to meet a duty of alimony and child support that they are not allowed to take time off work. They will be ridiculed and told that they aren’t putting their child first if they take that time off to protest the treatment they’ve received as a fit parent.

Some people face the price of losing a job because work will not give them the time off.

So did the people that boycotted the buses, so did the women that marched in the parade, so did the men and women that sat at the lunch counters, so did those that followed Cesar Chavez. Are you like this woman in the video below that says “ballots don’t feed children.”

As soon as that woman realized that it wasn’t going to matter if she isn’t alive to work to feed her children if she burns to death in a factory fire because there was no fire escape, she made the commitment. The price of losing her job was less than the price of continuing the status quo.

How long can you keep going on like you are right now? Don’t become the next statistic. Don’t let this hurt your family and friends anymore. How long before they cannot continue to pick up that extra bill you couldn’t cover because you were ordered to pay too much child support, too much alimony, and you are having to fight to see your children? None of your efforts at supporting your child is going to matter if you can no longer afford to keep that job.

“It can happen to ANYONE so it should matter to EVERYONE!” ~Wendy Perry (formerly Archer) previously with Parental Alienation Awareness Group USA North Texas Chapter and now has created her own support group and website.

Gather your family and friends, tell your church to come too. Make this a family trip…a mission.

“It is my mission to change the family courts and bring the power back to the fit parents to protect their children in divorce. I know this now. I woke up one morning knowing this and I’ve never looked back. There’s nothing more important in my life than my children. But here I was being attacked and separated from them by people that were supposed to guard and protect us. My children were under attack and I was being told that I had to step aside. I knew that meant that I had to help others protect themselves and their children from this tyranny that I didn’t know existed until the day, a police officer, an attorney, a bailiff, a judge, and the laws stepped over the line and stepped between me and my children.” ~Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts

Sherry and Ron B Palmer went to the Divorce Corp Reform Conference where Ron was one of the debaters. If you went to this conference, you saw Ron battle the misinformation, old beliefs, and outdated notions being perpetuated by the attorneys practicing family law and the professors teaching it. Sherry and Ron Palmer hold discussions about parent’s rights and children’s rights throughout the United States. You can schedule one or both of them to speak about family law reform at your next event by contacting them here:

Amber Rodgers’ piece of advice for the person standing on the edge: ‘Follow your instincts and do not give up on your dreams. Do not allow any­one to rob you of your destiny.’  You also need to be passionate about what you’re doing.”[ii] ~Amber Rodgers with D.I.V.A.S. at

Does that mean that you won’t suffer in the short-term?


Does that mean that everything will be fixed immediately as soon as you file?

No. This means that you are going to have to fight like you’ve never fought before. This means that you are going to have to train for this and be prepared for people to do things to you that you never thought was allowed under the laws of the United States of America. This means that parents fight their own Ferguson every day inside the courtrooms and out.” And those that use excuses just further empower them. Those that complain that the courts are too insulated or that others are not succeeding using their constitutional rights or those using them are being punished, sound way too familiar to constitutional scholars and researchers like Sherry and Ron B Palmer. These are the same excuses that people gave before Cesar Chavez proved that they could prevail that they just had to find the right tools to do so. They told Cesar, the growers are too powerful, they have the police on their side. Well family courts are powerful and they have many experts and attorneys, and lawmakers on their side. Does that mean that you shouldn’t stand up to them if they are violating your constitutional rights?

*Sherry Palmer and Ron B Palmer advocate for peaceful protest. They do not tell you what to do. You make your own decisions. If you choose to attend any event that they post and it puts your job at risk or puts you at risk of being jailed, you fully take this risk of your own free will. They provide information and education that is of great public importance and has tremendous public value.


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