Governor Rick Scott vetoing billsGovernor Rick Scott of Florida has 14 days to decide whether or not he will sign a bill that includes an equal parenting presumption and alimony reform. Women’s organizations and some law firms for women are opposing the bill because of the equal parenting presumption.

Aside from this being a battle of the genders, which is really just a smokescreen that the courts have used to their advantage by the way, this is an issue of equal protection of the laws. Here is a little background to help you understand how it got to this point in the gender wars. First men had all the rights to children because women did not have rights and were not allowed to work. That was when the courts were using paternal laws as their guidance. Then women gained rights through laws of equity and the tender years doctrine. The courts then defaulted the custody of the children to the mother. Women have since gained rights to equality and the right to work and support themselves, and the theory behind the tender years doctrine was debunked. So the courts shifted to the best interest of the child doctrine. There are still many cultural beliefs that are influencing the courts of course, but they are using the best interest doctrine more and more to make biased orders in favor of the parent they like the best.

This brings us to today. While men are still showing that in many courtrooms there is still a bias against men having the primary care of the children, the laws are not requiring that judges default to the mothers anymore. The laws are however allowing judges to rule on their own personal biases and personal beliefs. This is where the equal parenting bills are attempting to correct this unequal treatment in the family courts.

An equal parenting presumption in fact is required by the law constitutionally says Ron and Sherry Palmer of Fix Family Courts. Any statute that authorizes a judge to start with anything less is unconstitutional they claim and they intend to show this in their federal lawsuit against the Texas family code and all 49 other states over the next couple of years. They have sent a copy of the notice that they sent to all 180 of the Texas legislators to Governor Rick Scott yesterday (April 8, 2016). This letter explains that the state must in fact start with equal rights and then use proper due process before interfering, infringing, or burdening the rights of the parents and the children. You can read a copy of the letter they sent to the legislators here: Letter to Texas Legislature about dec judgement 3-2016 v2 Final web*

Thomas Fidler with The Father’s Rights Group is asking for everyone’s help in convincing Governor Rick Scott to sign this bill and help Florida take its next step towards equal parenting. Thomas Fidler is urging you to join them this Tuesday, April 12, 2016, at 10:30AM at the Florida state Capitol with signs in peaceful support of senate bill 668 “and a child’s right to the love and involvement of both parents equally.”

Fidler says that Heather Quick of the Quick Law Group “will be a speaker (this) Tuesday at the planned rally to OPPOSE the newly passed senate bill 668 in Florida encouraging shared and equal parenting. Her law group and a coalition of other groups including the National Organization for Women (NOW), the League of Women Voters, Breastfeeding Coalition, National Council of Jewish Women and UniteWomen FL will all rally in Tallahassee on Tuesday against Senate Bill 668 in an attempt to get Governor Scott to veto the bill.”*

Fidler is also asking everyone to “go to both their (Heather Quick’s law group) Facebook page and their website and let them know how you feel about their stand against parental equality” and “To discuss this issue with Ms Quick or her firm directly” by calling “The Quick Law Group at (904)214-0012.”

Fidler’s concern is that “If the group’s listed above show up in opposition to the bill,” and no-one shows up “in support, how do you think the Governor might interpret that?”

“If you can make it, we truly need you there. Now is the time for action! We need your help!” says Fidler.

So even though these rights are yours constitutionally, the state of Florida has authorized the judges to ignore and in fact violate your rights to your children, making it necessary for you to fight for these rights to be protected and that protection to be reflected in the statutes.

You can contact Thomas Fidler and The Father’s Rights Movement on their Facebook page. And you can contact Ron and Sherry Palmer through their contact page on their website and their Facebook page.

The Palmers hope that you will take the actions necessary to end the unconstitutional practices of your state today. If you have a question or a story that you wish the Palmers to respond to or comment on, please send those to (Not all questions or stories will be responded to in a public forum and if you wish to be anonymous in the response please indicate that in your story or question.)



*DISCLAIMER: Ron and Sherry Palmer are not attorneys and do not practice law. Please contact an attorney if you have questions about your rights regarding the technical and procedural process. Ron and Sherry make arguments that the laws are not reflecting rights that parents have and that parents are not being informed of these rights and that the statutes in all 50 states are not providing proper protection for these rights. They are doing this as it is of great public importance and parents may not be receiving this information otherwise.