We have a response from the federal court on the declaratory judgment filed in the Eastern District of Texas. We a responding to it.

The magistrate judge Christine Nowak has ruled DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. We have 14 days to respond and we are. We are reviewing her reasons for dismissing this case and will respond.

Do not stress over this ruling. This is a technical issue and not the end. Judge Nowak gives many reasons she feels that this case can be dismissed. We disagree and are putting together what is needed to prove. Remember she is a magistrate and we asked for a main judge. We get opportunity to challenge this.

This was one of the possible results and not uncommon for the courts to try this. In fact, while discussing this ruling this morning, we pulled up notes and research that we have and already have cases that address our objection to this dismissal.

Please be patient while we work on the response.

And remember that this is part of how you fight to protect your rights. Anyone who has been following us and learning from our materials knows that we are putting the same steps into action that we teach to all of you. When the lower courts make a ruling that you feel is in error you challenge it all the way up. You don’t stop at the first ruling. If you know that you have a good case and you know that you have proper argument to support it you keep going.

If you made an error in what you filed and are allowed to re-file then you fix what you need to fix and you re-file.

This is not the end. This is finally an answer. We needed an response to know what we needed next.

Ron and Sherry Palmer are working on the response.

You can see the full magistrate judge’s response here: Palmer v Paxton et al – RR Granting Motion to Dismiss 25 August 2016