“Wow, what an awesome indictment of our family law system!” Ron B Palmer of Fix Family Courts breaks the silence that hung in the air as people were stunned by this movie. Divorce Corp meticulously documented behaviors that anywhere else would be considered organized crime. All taking place under the guise of a system that claims to be acting lawfully and to be protecting our children and families. Divorce Corp exposes the actors participating in this greed, collusion, and conflicts of interest, and how they feed on the American culture of entitlement.

Many have known of these wrongdoings and many more have suffered because of them. Joe Sorge noticed from one sitting in a courtroom awaiting his turn to be heard for his divorce that something was seriously wrong. While his divorce turned out “okay” he states that he realized that he couldn’t ignore what he had witnessed. He and Philip Sternberg concisely and with a laser focus synthesize many of the injustices in an easily digestible format that exposes the suffering caused by the practices of the family law divorce courts. They successfully illustrate that constitutional rights are being ignored, individuals are being deprived of rights and being separated from their children, money, and property as punishment for fighting the injustices. The massive fleecing of an innocent group of people has become so pervasive that it could no longer hide under the robes of the judges and the titles of each participant’s profession.

The directors’ astute observations and keen ability to select segments from their interviews creates a powerful and compelling case for this being a crime against humanity of massive proportions.

“How could this be happening?” and “How could this go on for so long?” some asked from the audience as we were interviewing one of the subjects from the documentary, Wendy Archer, and taking questions on behalf of the producers following the first day of showing in Dallas of this movie.



Over time, as a few bad apples got away with minor violation, after minor violation, after major violation, and nobody seemed to care and as those bad apples became wealthier and wealthier more and more joined in and now it is a system of such massive proportions that it has become blatantly obvious to anyone who bothers to look and can no longer be hidden. As Christian Bale’s character in “American Hustle,” the movie about the ABSCAM debacle, stated over and over again that the key to a successful hustle is to keep it small enough that it stays under the radar. The Divorce Corp hustle of the American people has gone from a minor blip on the radar screen to over a 50 billion dollar a year industry run on the backs of children. The suffering that they caused inevitably begins to spill out. Divorce Corp. didn’t have to do much at that point, they just had to roll the cameras…

You would have thought that you were witnessing stories from an age that had long expired. In fact, one of the interviewees states that we might look back at this period in time and think “how barbaric” we were. The Dallas audience made up of a mixture of professionals in law, mediators, attorneys, court watchers, every day working parents, scholars, and law students were all equally in shock and disbelief at the extreme methods being used and the widespread injustices and constitutional violations happening every day in the family law divorce courts in the very country they take pride in and believed to be the most fair and just system in the world!

Sunday night, January 12, 2014, the producer, Joe Sorge will be making a one-time special appearance in the DFW areas at the Garland AMC theatre immediately after the 8:00 p.m. showing. I cannot think of anything more important than to meet and thank one of the persons that has spent thousands of hours and took the time to put a story out there that provides not only a louder voice to your suffering but perhaps evidence for one of the biggest RICO cases in the history of the U.S.

You can get your tickets for the Garland 8:00 p.m. showing here and join us afterwards for Q&A with Joe Sorge and Wendy Archer of PAAO-USA north Texas chapter. Meet some of those behind the movie and in the movie. This is the only night to do that!!!

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