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Hope is one of the most powerful and energizing emotions. Without hope people fall into despair, depression, and helplessness. Have you ever watched a show and found amazement in human strength in a story of someone overcoming all odds? Most of the time, the person didn’t let the rules stop them or believe that they were not entitled to the same things that others had — take the story in “The Blind Side” for example. This is where all it took was for a family to believe that he had value and support and encourage his success in life. He succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations.

This is difficult to find in family law. And when you do find hope, there is someone waiting in line to encourage you to abandon that hope as quickly as you found it.

Hope is one of the most difficult feelings to have in family law if you are being told that you are not likely to succeed. It is even more difficult to find when you are being abused. An abusive process can certainly keep people from believing that they should keep trying. Knowing that many people were knocked down before you can be discouraging as well.

A scientist in the 1950s ran an experiment on rats where he let the first group of rats swim until they drown. They lasted 15 minutes. The second group of rats, he let swim for 15 minutes and then saved them, let them dry out, fed them, and then threw them back into the bucket of water. This time some of the rats swam as long as 60 hours!

What do you think happens with people when they have no hope? They give up too, some immediately and for others it takes longer. You have heard of the Mackney suicide, he fought back until he could no longer see that he would find relief.

Some people will try to discourage you from believing if they themselves got bad results. Some people don’t want you to try unless they already know someone who tried and succeeded. And then you might even start making excuses for why you shouldn’t even try. If you find yourself saying things like, “It won’t matter, the attorney always gets their way.”

Or “nobody can show me that this argument will win for sure, so I’m not going to try it.

Or perhaps you say, “nothing ever works, nothing has worked for anyone else, so why would it work for me. I might as well not even try.”

The one that we hear the most right now is, “It’s corrupt and pointless to even think that you will get anywhere or that there is any justice.”

Thank goodness everyone doesn’t think this way. If every person thought this way in every generation then we would never have any changes or improvements in society ever. Nobody would ever try anything new, nobody would ever believe that they should fight for freedom and justice.

The people that say the things like this above are people who don’t believe that they deserve better, and that they are entitled to the same rights as everyone else who never stepped foot into a family law court room.

Fortunately, there are enough people who do believe that life can be better and believe that they cannot be defeated over time. Our ancestors fought many wars to prove this.

Those that followed and believed in the message that Martin Luther King, Jr. taught didn’t wait for someone to succeed. They believed him and they refused to give up. They kept going back and trying no matter how bad they were treated until they succeeded.

This is what parents face today. We hope that our message provides you with the strength and hope that you need to continue the fight for justice and freedom from family courts interfering in your life without proper authority.

Here is an excerpt from our book, “28th Amendment: Protecting Parent-Child Bonds,” from the introduction:

“NOTE FOR PARENTS: If you are facing denial of your rights today, you have reason for hope and support for action in many of the Court’s current rulings. DO NOT wait on this amendment to pass. Fight for your rights today. Use the reasoning and case citations you will find in our other book. “NOT in the Child’s Best Interest”, to get the best results in your case today. Meanwhile, you can increase the pressure on your local courts by sharing this amendment with every legislator and politician in your county and State. The very act of many parents fighting for the protection of their rights at the trial court level as well as politically will move more and more divorce court judges towards equal parenting.” (Introduction p.4)

And remember, these are human rights. They existed even before case citations and case law. The case law just makes it even easier for you to fight back. Your parental rights are inalienable, inseparable from you as a human being — just as eating and breathing is to living. So regardless of whether you find people who agree or disagree on whether or not the court meant the ruling this way or that. You can continue to fight to protect the rights that protect you from injustice and abuse of power over your private life and your precious children. Slaves fought before they had rights. Then blacks fought when they did get rights but the rights were being burdened to where they couldn’t exercise them. So first they fought to establish their rights and then fought to live those rights. You have some of this done already. The fact that you have fundamental parental rights has already been established. The state is just burdening them just like county officials burdened a black person’s ability to vote by making it impossible for them to pass the registration requirements. The black people fought to break through those burdens and so can you break through the burdens that family courts place on you by refusing to take it anymore and refusing to let their threats have any effect on you.

Stay strong and your children will have hope of having a future without family court tyranny.


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