TOOL OF THE DAY: Social Studies

CATEGORY: Family Law

Your family code defines what power the court has to order a social study. The code should also states what criteria has to be met before a social study can be ordered. In Texas Family Code section 107.051 the judge is given the power to order a social study with anyone who is asking for “managing conservatorship or possession of a child.

If you have not already given up your rights and possession to your child, but are in the courts for the first time for child custody, then you should be asking the court t protect your rights and time with your child.

Every one of you already has managing conservatorship and rights to possession of your child if you have never been declared an unfit parent, a danger to your child, or have never received an order regarding the rights and duties of your child.

Instead of asking for something you already have, you ask for protection of your rights and time with your child. This does not invite the court into your private life to do a social study.