TOOL OF THE DAY: Family Court Harmful Processes

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A young couple moved in next door. Their smiling faces and hopeful outlook for the future were reminiscent of how life used to be for you. You wonder if they have any idea what is really in store for their future. And you cringe as you realize that you know that the odds that what happened to you are greater than them getting a deadly disease or dying in a car accident. In fact, you know that it is more likely than not, that they will face the same fate your family has experienced.

You watch as they move each item into their home with joy and happiness…excited about what the future holds. Then over the course of the next couple of years, you see them transform their house and yard into a place where they call home. And you watch them beaming as they bring home their first child.

You wanted to warn them. You wanted to tell them what happened to you. But you felt there wasn’t much point when there wasn’t going to be anything they could do to prevent it from happening to them too. Why ruin their ignorant bliss? Why tell them that everything they are carefully saving for and everything they are earning and building together is going to all go to attorneys, GALs, and court-appointed experts?

Every year there is over 90,000 divorces in Texas alone! In 2013, nearly 3000 lives were lost on the Texas roads. How many lives were destroyed in the family courts? If just half of those 90,000 divorces had children that would be at least 45,000 children involved in a divorce!

Yet, this young couple takes precautions to prevent themselves and their young child from becoming a victim on the roads. They buy the safest car they can afford, use seatbelts, and make sure that their vehicle is in good working order — good tires, brakes, etc.

But what pre-cautions were they taking to ensure they didn’t become another family court victim?

There is a need to increase awareness about what is happening in the family courts so Ron and Sherry Palmer are educating the public so they don’t get caught without protection.

Come to the next webinar if you want to learn what you can do to avoid the damaging practices from continuing and if you want to know how you can increase your protection from becoming one of the next victims.

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