TOOL OF THE DAY: Rights in Conflict

CATEGORY: Family Law

What are two of the main excuses that the courts, the legislators, the judges, and everyone else says to parents who are fighting over custody?

The court has to decide between the two of you because your rights are in conflict. And the court gets to involve themselves in your life now because you couldn’t figure it out on your own and agree between the two of you. And a big one…you invited them into your life so your life is no longer private.

RIGHTS IN CONFLICT DISCUSSION: Every court case is a conflict in rights whether it’s a contract between two individuals or whether it’s a criminal case, there is always a dispute about rights.

PRIVACY DISCUSSION: Your right to privacy cannot disappear because you enter the courtroom. You are there to ask the court to protect these rights. Certainly nobody expects going to court is waiving their rights. You must make a knowing and intelligent waiver before you have waived your rights..

BOTTOMLINE: Be absolutely certain you make it clear if you do not intend to waive these rights in any way, shape, or form.