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What is the most difficult thing you have had to deal with in the family court process?

During our webinar today “What Can I Do When My Child is Being Used Against Me” we had another special guest today, another former student of ours. He was able to use our materials to overcome the burdens that the family court was imposing on him. What he hasn’t been able to stop is the alienation that the process created.

This is the result of the courts playing it “cautious.” They are scared to make a mistake. It’s no wonder they are scared when they don’t use any balancing tests or take the proper care to ensure that their own methods reduce the risk of making an error.

Every court is asked to solve something. In the case of the family courts, they are being asked to get involved in highly charged disagreements and disputes that involve two parents trying to take from the other parent. There is no balancing test for this.

That’s why we change how you are framing the case.

Check out our materials to help you do the same.

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