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“As long as I am unable to exercise my Constitutional right to vote, I do not have command of my own life. I cannot determine my own destiny for it is determined for me by people who would rather see me suffer than succeed….That means Protest, that means march, that means disturb the peace, and that means risk, and that is hard. We will not wait any longer, give us the vote! We are not asking, we are demanding. Give us the vote!”*

Not even children being blown up midway down the stairs of their church caused the federal government to step in and force the states to honor the civil rights act. Not even failure to convict those that were blowing children up, beating blacks in the streets, shooting them in cold blood in broad daylight, etc. No convictions, no public horror, and no major outcry from the main population of those who were not black.

As an audience we are horrified and appalled at the treatment and behavior from those in power and others in the community in this movie.

History is repeating itself in many ways, except now the discrimination is not based on race, it is based on your marital status (relationship)…it is people of divorce and fathers who never married the mother of their child. This is what millions of people going through divorce and child custody battles face every year. If 1 in 3 children live in single family households just think about how many people must be going through the terror of having their child ripped out of their lives.

The parents of the children who were blown up surely received sympathy from those in their community. Parents in a custody battle receive a big fat attorney bill and years and years of bullying and terror. They too receive a cold shoulder and a deaf ear when they try to get help from their court, legislators, or their President.

If you’ve ever been to the courthouse begging for a hearing because you aren’t getting to see your child, you know the pain of waiting. If you have ever been denied justice or even access to the court then you know the pain and devastation of waiting. If you have ever filed for appeal or plead with the federal courts to help you, then you know the agony and loss of time that you can never get back with your child. You also probably know the financial ruin from this process. The government, the president and his administration attempted to destroy MLK and his family throughout this movie too by tracking them, trying to create agitation between he and his wife, and other tactics. Same tactics that the family courts use on families today.

Every day that we wait hundreds of families are ruined.

So if you have been stonewalled and told that the federal government cannot get involved because of doctrines like Rooker-Feldman or Younger Abstention or strung along and delayed by the family courts and legislators in the form of burdens, excuses, and demands, not only will you relate to this new movie, Selma, but you might also find something in it or here in this post that helps you finally break through those barriers and gain control over your own life again.

MLK was fed up after being told by the President Johnson to “wait” because he couldn’t pass any more Bills right now or interfere with the politicians of Alabama yet. After all the president told him “I just passed the Civil Rights Bill.” Parents get similar excuses too. Except they are told that parents don’t have rights even though the supreme law of the land says they do. MLK decided the President’s excuses weren’t good enough and that they couldn’t wait any longer because children and people were dying. He knew that people were more important than excuses. So he used the following three steps to succeed:

The three steps that the MLK movement used:

  • Train and prepare
  • Refuse to give in to excuses or let barriers stop you.
  • Take Action without fearing the consequences

We all need a strategy that will have effect now too. Our children cannot wait! The family court delays and abuse of power are killing our children slowly by stripping them from innocent parents. They are sucking the life out of families and stripping them of resources.

If you are fed up with being told to wait for the next legislative session and to wait for the laws to change and don’t believe that you should continue to wait for the family court laws or process to take advantage of you again then try this FFC Take Action Now strategy:

  • Train (Practice what you might face from the court process and the politicians in our simulator.**)
  • Refuse to give in (This means you stand up to abuse of power. Your rights empower you to do this.)
  • Take Action (Stop hiring (paying***) attorneys who refuse to protect your rights. Protest and march.)

If you’ve seen the movie then you will know that this strategy is the way to beat them so they stop beating on you.

If you need a place to learn what you might face in the courts or from your politicians take our class and enroll for our simulator. (Take the class here: Protecting Family Rights.)

It is much easier to refuse to given and stand up to those in power when you have something that empowers you. Our books and classes give you this information and confidence. As MLK told the communities he preached in, this is hard, and it is the same for you, but make it easier by knowing more of what to expect and knowing how to be more successful with your fight. Don’t wait you need your rights protected today!

(We cite these in our book: “NOT in The Best Interest of The Child.” So if you want to learn more about your rights so you can argue them more effectively, you can get the book here.)

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*We are not telling you to disturb the peace. This paragraph is a quote from the movie “Selma” 2014.

**The simulator practice sessions are only available to our students. We reserve the right to make exceptions.

***We are not telling you to stop paying an attorney you have already agreed to pay. An attorney can sue you if you owe them for services. You have to finish paying what you agreed to pay or for services that you have consumed. But once that is satisfied you should be able to get out of your contract.

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