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What is Bubbles of Love Day? What is parental alienation? Why should you care?

What is Bubbles of Love Day?

Bubbles of Love Day originally came from Canada, founded by Sarvy Emo. This year is its 10th annual celebration. This day is to raise awareness of alienated children and to prevent children from the emotional scars that are created when they are stripped from one or both of their parents in divorce. This day is celebrated on all four continents.

Ron and Sherry Palmer will be speaking at two different locations this year.

Ron B Palmer, highly sought after constitutional scholar, published author, and alienated stepfather, will be in Austin, Texas speaking near the State Capitol where an equal parenting bill is being considered (HB 2363) and who has experienced alienation not only of his stepchildren but also attempts made on his own daughter.

You can find out the details and who else will be speaking at the Austin event, CLICK HERE: I want to attend the Austin, Texas Bubbles of Love Day in Austin, Texas. Chuck Huber is one of the special guests speaking on Saturday. He is known as the voice of Pilaf in DragonBall Z. (Some of you might recognize his voice in the speech he gave during the legislative session last Wednesday. Go to this post here to find his speech.)

Sherry Palmer, constitutional strategist, published author, and alienated mother, will be speaking in Sacramento, California. She was alienated from all four of her children. She was able to end the alienating cycle with her two youngest children. Her efforts remain focused on ending the cycle embedded in the family court process. She will share this with you at the Sacramento, California event. CLICK HERE to join her and other speakers like Thomas Fidler of the Father’s Rights Movement, Tommy Sotomayor from “A Fatherless America” and Movie Producers and Musicians like Philly Slimm: I want to attend the Bubbles of Love Day Sacramento, California. (DJ Anon from Dark Oak Productions and Recordings will be the DJ at this event!)

Prepare to blow bubbles at 2 p.m., and to enjoy the love and companionship of other people who know what you have been through and are there to help you stay strong, to help you get back up on your feet again, connect you with support, and end this cycle!

Who Should Come? Anyone who has been alienated. Anyone who knows someone that has been alienated. Anyone who cares about children. Anyone who cares about families and their relationships with their children.

What is parental alienation?

There are many organizations that write about parental alienation and who explain the behaviors very well.

Go here to learn more about it:

J. Michael Bones, Ph.D. Parental Alienation expert:

Craig Childress, Ph.D : Expert in Understanding the Parental Alienation Dynamic speaks to the Child:

Dr. Steve Miller (internest and medical educator who was involved in an international parental alienation study) and Linda Case Gottlieb:

Other people you can contact to find support groups in your area:

Wendy Archer with Parental Alienation Awareness Organization

Joan Kloth-Zanard, author of “Where Did I Go Wrong? How Did I Miss the Signs?: Dealing with Hostile Parenting and Parental 

Using the High Road program by Dr. Craig Childress, Ph.D. and Randy Rand, Ph.D.

Catherine MacWillie with Custody Calculations will help you get through high conflict situations by providing you with support. She is experienced with parental alienation and child abduction.

Why should you care?

Children who are alienated suffer more behavioral problems. These children grow into adults with an increased risk of health disorders.