At a time when divorce-related violent crime is prevalent in the news, Ron and Sherry Palmer announce publication of, Not in the Child’s Best Interest: Why Divorce Courts Get it all Wrong and How the Constitution Can Fix It, a book forcing courts to reconsider the way they handle custody decisions. The Palmer’s wrote this book to reduce negative behavior associated with custody battles that contribute to destroying parent-child relationships, harm children, and lead to custody-related violent crime. The book is one of the first to provide parents with the knowledge that they have individual parental rights in divorce not tied to the marriage and tools to defend those rights. Parents will no longer be helpless or powerless once they understand the boundaries of the divorce court’s power and authority.

The family court industry takes billions of dollars from children every year under the guise of practicing family law. Divorce cases currently make up approximately 40% of the court system. Catherine MacWillie, retired LAPD, and CEO of Custody Calculations estimates about 25% of the violent crime might be attributable to high-conflict divorce cases.

The book is a beacon of hope to finally end the 300-year long destructive practices in the family courts that the Palmer’s experienced firsthand. Unlike other books that follow patterns which have failed families for generations, this book breaks the mold, identifies core problems in the divorce process, exposes them, and provides principles that reduce biases based on constitutional fundamental parental rights.

The Palmer’s book has already had impact and made headway before its official release May 25, 2013. Attorneys using the principles are having great success. Some have resolved without trial and parents have retained their rights and time to their children. This book brings the state courts into the 21st century. It overcomes old patterns, deeply-rooted biases, and myths residing in society, attorneys, and judges. It eliminates the need for mudslinging in the courtrooms, alleviates parental fear of losing their children in divorce, and reduces violent crime associated with that fear.

The Palmer’s synthesis of more than 100 Supreme Court cases busts the deadlocked pattern and history of divorce court practices. If early results are any indication of the effect this book can have on divorce courts, soon there will be fewer prolonged court cases, less expense related to the court process of divorce involving children, and children will be better protected and have more security.

There is no other book on the market that solves these problems while still preserving the rights of both parents and children. This book is just the beginning for the Palmer’s as they are already producing training videos as well as other tools to help parents, attorneys, judges, and legislators get their head around the material that should have been implemented immediately after the passage of the fourteenth amendment.


Ron and Sherry Palmer are strategic leaders in re-focusing attorneys and judges in the divorce industry involving child custody. The Palmer’s create tools and strategy for parents, attorneys, judges, and legislators that improve the family court process in divorce with child custody and modifications. These tools include: Supreme Court annotated cases, informational videos, training videos, sample letters to legislators, sample pleadings and other tools to be announced at for parents, attorneys, judges, and legislators.

Publication Date: May 25 2013

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