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  • 10 Divorce Facts about the Family Courts Your Attorney Won’t Tell You…

    We can all readily find information about the statistics on the liklihood of divorce and who is more likely to get divorced: 2008 voter data shows that “red” states (states that tend to vote Republican), have higher divorce rates than “blue” states (states that tend to vote Democrat). The Barna Research Group measured divorce statistics […]
  • 5 Easy Steps on How to Get Out of the Divorce Trap

    5 Steps How to Get Out of the Divorce Child Custody Trap and Maintain Your Independence… Today is a day to celebrate the freedom our founding fathers gave to us. You can be assured that your judge is celebrating his or her freedom today with their family and not giving a second though to depriving […]
  • 5 Reasons to file a Declaratory Judgment

    The purpose of a Declaratory Judgment is to protect you, your child, your relationship with your child, your property, and your money from your ex and the state:
  • 5 Ways a GAL Makes You Broke in Divorce?

    DANGER! The GAL is a prosecutor for the judge, NOT your friend. Guardian Ad Litem adds costs and hardships but does nothing to protect your child's rights.
  • 6 Ways to fight back against the GAL

    DANGER! GAL is expensive and can hurt you badly. Get rid of the GAL
  • A sad day in Connecticut

    Virtually all of the parental rights bills that were submitted to the Judiciary Committee for the 2017 legislative session in Connecticut have died in committee. AGAIN.  These are bills that Connecticut citizens have been trying to get passed for years and have had to unnecessarily recycle them, year after year. The bills all encompass the basic principle […]
  • ABA Says Child Support Program exists because of Deadbeat Dads

    The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) says that Child Support is “good” for children and their most successful program to date. And one of the writers on the ABA blog writes that child support “IV-D only exists because of deadbeats…” But they don’t take a look at the destructive practices that this accomplishment drives. […]
  • ACTION NEEDED RIGHT NOW: Texas Parents Taking Fight to State Capitol Through the Telephone Are Making an Impact!

    Call Rep. Debbie Riddle’s office at 512-463-0572 Call Rep. Toni Rose’s office at 512-463-0664 Call Rep. Scott Sanford’s office at 512-463-0356 A legislative Aid will answer and tell her/him to please pass along your wishes to the representative that you would like them to pass the bill through committee to the house floor right away. […]
  • Activist Creates Affordable Container Home Solution for the Homeless

    More and more parents going through divorce are suffering homelessness after being driven into bankruptcy by the process. In Florida, one activist Glen Gibbelina has a solution, a tiny container home. Glen has been a family court reform activist for almost two decades. He was just featured in The Herald Tribune and The Manatee for […]
  • Advocates are Being Attacked by the State Bar Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee

    Unauthorized Practice of Law or Civil Rights Fight? Has your state made it illegal to assist parents in an area of public concern? Have you looked for an attorney to fight for your rights and were told that you didn’t have any? Were you told by an attorney that the constitution doesn’t apply in family […]
  • After the Father’s Day Rallies…Will There Be a Price to Pay?

    What happens now after the father’s day rallies? The very system that father’s gathered on Friday to protest how they and their children are being treated by the family courts, may face being punished by those same family courts for speaking out about them. The question that many of the fathers face now is “Will […]

    Over the last few days since Robin Williams’ death I have watched a barrage of blogs, social media outlets, and videos expound and share their theories on Robin William’s reasons for suicide. They review his life, evaluate the possible causative factors, and then seem to sum it up in a way that is most comfortable […]
  • Alito admits he used Dobbs to Expand Religion

    The secret is out Alito is using his position as a United States Supreme Court justice to expand religion. He didn't do it as subtly in Dobbs as he did in the several other cases that the founder of the summit lists off, Hobby Lobby and cases he strategically writes statements in cases like Kennedy v. Bremerton School District in the denial of cert that later teed up the case that came back into the Supreme Court and became a landmark case for religious victory.
  • APA Says Joint Custody is Healthier for Children…even Infants

    Right now most state laws do not require a judge to order equal custody. That makes state laws contrary to the best interest of the child. The most recent study regarding infants and toddlers by Fabricius finds: “Contrary to some previous findings, the current study found benefits to both parent-child relationships associated with overnights (a) up […]
  • Appellate Attorney Admits Trial Attorneys are Failing to Protect Parental Rights

    “After losing case after case, he simply gave up. Like the dogs in the study, he had learned there was little he could do to change the outcome of the case. So why bother fighting?” Finding an attorney who will protect parental rights can almost be impossible. Attorneys don’t even bother anymore Vivek Sankaran, appellate […]
  • Appellate Judge Believes Fit Parents Are Entitled to Equal Rights.

    According to Appellate Judge Puryear, in a concurring opinion in 2005 in Texas, the trial court judges have been applying the wrong standards and getting the intent of the joint custody portion of the family code wrong. He states that the joint managing conservator statute § 153.001, mandates “only minimal restriction on either parent’s possession or […]
  • Appellate Judge in Texas Believes that Clear and Convincing Evidence is Required in SAPCR

    Judge Puryear, a Texas appellate court judge, believes that “preponderance of the evidence” standard is too low for determining infringement of the care, custody, and control of a child. What is Preponderance of the Evidence? Preponderance is a very low standard used by judges to decide minor disputes like in small claims court where no […]
  • Are Attorneys Being Ethical When They Don’t Protect Your Rights?

    If you are going to pay an attorney for something make sure you are paying them to fight for and protect the rights you already have.  Paying an attorney to beg a court for rights you already have is an unnecessary burden on you and your child. Any right that you have to pay to […]
  • Are Child Custody Rulings in Divorce Based on Personal Preference? One Judge Says they Are.

    We reviewed the S.C. Supreme Court case Adoptive Parents v. Baby Girl and asked the question, Do U.S. Courts Protect Indian Children Better than they Protect non-Indian Children? We came to the conclusion that many of the same reasons that they created the ICWA[i], also exist in divorce cases. Judge Garfinkel, in a letter he wrote […]

    This was a great concern of our Founding Fathers who were very concerned with tyranny of the majority.
  • Are Judges Routinely Issuing Ineffective Child Custody Orders?

    Parents going through child custody litigation in the American family courts learn after it is too late that they spent all that money just to get an order they cannot ever hope to be able to enforce. Why legislation isn’t enough to stop these family courts. Making enforcement laws seem to be the answer to […]
  • Are State’s Violating Parental Rights and Can you do Something about it Right Now?

    According to Young v. Hector, 740 So. 2d 1153 – Fla: Dist. Court of Appeals, 3rd Dist. 1998, “Nancy’s fairness argument is irrelevant to how custodial responsibility should be allocated…. The court should allocate custodial responsibility based on the parents’ past caretaking roles.” This is wrong and flawed thinking on the appellate court’s part. It […]
  • Are the Bresnens and the Texas Family Law Foundation Done? Texas Attorney General Paxton Joins Fight Against State Bar

    Is the Texas BAR about to be neutered? The recent lawsuit filed in March against the BAR association, filed by three attorneys with Empower Texans, would dry up the funds that the BAR association uses for lobbying against parents. This means that the money they use to pay lobbyists to fight against parental rights would […]
  • Are the State’s Rendering Parents Indentured Servants after Divorce? Child support, Alimony, Spousal Maintenance. Where do we Draw the Line?

    Further research is revealing that child support may not be constitutional either in many cases. (Keep in mind that we are not attorneys and are only sharing information with you as we understand it as laymen and are sharing for political reasons as well as we have a right to challenge intrusions in our lives […]

    Shocking video of Caleb Leverett Parker. Is this parental alienation? Was Parker manipulated by his father? Where is Parker now 2021?
  • Arizona Appellate Court Opinion Rules that Family Court Violated Constitutional Parental Rights!

    An Arizona appellate court opinion confirms what Ron and Sherry Palmer at Fix Family Courts have been teaching parents and attorneys about constitutional parental rights.
  • Attend Child Support Webinar on Inability to Pay

    Inability to pay is a defense to child support enforcement that you can use to put a stop to the insanity and the constant threat of jail. Don't let the judge bully you any longer.
  • Attorney General Indoctrinating High School Students Into Child Support Program

    Did you know that as soon as your son signs the Attorney General’s paternity acknowledgment form he subjects himself to being jailed for a felony. Attorney General, Ken Paxton, in Texas is indoctrinating children into the child support program in their high school health classes through a “Parenting and Paternity Awareness (P.A.P.A.) program”. Failure to […]
  • Attorney General Ken Paxton on Child Support

    Is Attorney General Ken Paxton building a career on the backs of our children with his child support scam. Is Paxton trading children for cash under Title IV-D?
  • Attorneys Cannot Protect Parental Rights

    Attorney Admits the Family Law Process Does not Allow Them to Protect Parental Rights Attorney admits that they are not allowed to help parents protect their rights. Parents all over the United States are complaining to us that they cannot get attorneys to tell the judges that they have parental rights. They spend thousands of […]
  • Attorneys Validate Fix Family Courts has Been Right All Along – Yes, Virginia, The Constitution Applies in Family Court Too

    Attorneys Finally Realizing that the Constitution Applies in Family Courts Attorneys are finally validating that Fix Family Courts has been right all along. Attorneys have been making the wrong arguments to the family courts and the attorneys who wrote this article are finally admitting that “In the last few years, there has been growing awareness […]
  • Audio: Gay Hater during SCOTUS Gay Marriage oral arguments Removed

    * Same-Sex Marriage arguments seem to have sparked one man’s inability to restrain himself from shouting his hatred to the 9 justices who had just finished listening to oral arguments on the first of the four cases being argued this morning. “You will burn in hell” he shouts. As the older man with a white […]
  • Avoid Bad Advice that Destroys your Rights and Your Children’s Rights

    You don't just throw your rights away and then expect to be able to protect your child’s rights! That’s what generations have been doing already
  • Avoiding Conflict Actually Cost Me My Marriage Neil Denny Collaborative Lawyer

    Neil Denny, collaborative lawyer, trainer, and author relates handling conflict to guitar riffs. Creative solutions to complex situations. If we introduced people to conflict resolution techniques earlier in life as Neil Denny suggests more parents would know how to use them. The more attorneys and judges that we encourage to use these methods along with […]
  • Before You Judge . . .

    Going in to the new year, I encourage people to think before judging the parents who do not have equal custody with their child. Before you judge them you need to know that they were not represented properly in the family courts. I can assure you that their attorney did not insist that the court […]
  • Benefits for Members with Fix Family Courts

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, or just starting and don’t even know where to begin, we have an affordable program for you. Maybe you’re not sure if your rights are being protected or what rights you may be handing to the courts unknowingly?    Learn new strategies. Find answers on how to be […]
  • Best Hope for Parents

    Hope for parents has arrived in the book Not in the Child's Best Interest
  • Best Interest Bill HB 1899 makes it through committee!

    Jeremy Newman, Public Policy Director and Attorney Cecilia Wood for the Texas Homeschool Coalition’s hard work has paid off so far. They spent their time educating the house representatives that fit parents were losing their children to grandparents and CPS in violation of the constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court of the United States […]
  • Best interest is Destructive to Your Child’s Mental Health, says Clinical Psychologist James Bedell

    A parent lacking some parenting skills does not qualify for the state to interfere with their parenting rights. After 40 years of practice, including serving as a custody evaluator, Dr. Bedell has come to the same conclusions that we have. Dr. Bedell says that the state should not be trying to pick who is the […]
  • Best Interest of the Child Senate Bill Fact Sheet

    The National Family Law Policy Center evaluated and published their review of the newest Texas Senate Bill 816 sponsored by Senator Campbell affecting the Best Interest of the Child Statute. The Policy Center’s evaluation states that the “new text in the proposed bill appears to improve conditions for parents,” however, “it perpetuates presumptions that have been […]
  • Blaming Mom – Single Parent Homes

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, mom blame. Partly because I’m a mother and the other because of the area that I work in, family law reform and education. The Doctors show today, Episode 48, Season 10, included a segment on “How to be a Wealthy Single Mom. There were a couple of […]
  • Brandi Worley Divorce Tragedy

    “Now you can’t take the kids from me” says Brandi Worley in another divorce tragedy from unjust divorce courts just after she stabbed her two young boys.

    BREAKING THE CHAINS CREATED BY THE FAMILY COURTS… So many people are suffering from being forced into more family studies/home studies, more therapy, and more attorney bills and have no idea how to make it end…don’t let this happen to you! So many people are suffering from being broke because you fought to be with […]
  • Breaking News!!! Texas has an Equal Parenting Bill introduced by Rep Gilbert Pena HB2363!

    Ron Palmer and Stuart McMullen will be meeting with Representative Pena Thursday afternoon to go over some details that involve defining best interest of the child as well as adding some additional provisions that will keep the courts out of your pockets and out of your private decision making for your children.
  • Breakthrough New Book Publicly Shames Judges and Reveals the Key to Proving the Fourteenth Amendment Applies to Family Courts

    Be the First to Learn About Suing Your Ex in Federal Court for Damages and How To Hold Your Judge to Constitutional Standards. Ever been told that you should just agree to the bad deal your ex is proposing to you because you weren’t going to get a better deal in the family courts? Learn […]
  • Breakthrough Parental Rights book by Non-Attorneys Changing Child Custody Landscape

    At a time when divorce-related violent crime is prevalent in the news, Ron and Sherry Palmer announce publication of, Not in the Child’s Best Interest: Why Divorce Courts Get it all Wrong and How the Constitution Can Fix It, a book forcing courts to reconsider the way they handle custody decisions. The Palmer’s wrote this […]
  • Bring Drake Home Mandamus is Denied

    Guess what, not even $78,000.00 could save baby Drake. The Texas appellate court has denied the mandamus and refused to Bring Drake Home.
  • Broken System Broken Heart Book Transforms Broken Parents into Healthy, Productive, Functioning Individuals

    Monica Szymonik’s new book Broken System, Broken Heart: The Soup to Nuts Guide to Protecting Your Health in the Aftermath of a Custody Battle transforms parents broken by the family courts into healthy, productive, functioning individuals. This book truly moved me, not just because of the depth of Monica’s story, but how she related so […]
  • Bubbles of Love 2015

    Divorce courts are treating children as second-class persons – Bubbles of Love Day Austin Texas 2015 Ron B Palmer speaks at Bubbles of Love, 2015. Ron’s comments begin at 11:42.
  • Bubbles of Love Day 2015 and Parental Alienation

    What is Bubbles of Love Day? What is parental alienation? Why should you care? What is Bubbles of Love Day? Bubbles of Love Day originally came from Canada, founded by Sarvy Emo. This year is its 10th annual celebration. This day is to raise awareness of alienated children and to prevent children from the emotional scars […]
  • Bubbles of Love Day 2021

    Bubbles of Love event. My second grandchild was born yesterday. And I wouldn’t be a part of my grandchildren’s lives if it hadn’t been for the many people who were already out there educating the public about parental alienation.
  • Bullying abounds at big law firms, but it often goes unaddressed, survey finds

    Workplace standards in many law firms remain in the Dark Ages. According to this study, bullying and lack of respect plagues many law firms. The study does not say what field of law attracts these types, but I can imagine that those who practice in Family Law fall into two categories: The bullies and the […]
  • Burden of Proof is Powerful, Gun Rights

    Intermediate scrutiny, burden of proof means government must prove its claims with actual evidence. ABA gun rights article proves what we have said all along.
  • Can Child Support be Reduced if a Parent Interferes With Your Parenting Time?

    FIGHTING CHILD SUPPORT IN FLORIDA and not getting to see your child?   If a parent is having to spend money to reunify with their child because a parent interfered with their time can that parent increase the child support responsibility on that offending parent? In the state of Florida, the child support statutes do […]
  • Can Dads Breastfeed?

    Mothers complain to the court that because they are breastfeeding the father should not have overnights.
  • Can Family Court Orders stand up to the Equal Protection Clause?

    Navigating an Equal Protection argument in the Supreme Court can be extremely tricky. I just touch on the subject here to give you an idea of how you might approach it. I have open discussions on this and other constitutional issues regarding parental rights on my linked in at and there is more extensive coverage of […]
  • Can the Court Assume You are Unfit Just Because You Are Getting Divorced?

    If A Fit Parent’s Decision is the Best Interest of the Child, What Happens in Divorce When You Have Two Fit Parents in Disagreement? (Are you Unfit because You are Getting Divorced? You are not unfit until the court proves you are unfit. It is the State that must prove you unfit. You do not […]
  • Can We Be Sure The Family Court System is Not Biased and Based on Personal Beliefs?

    We all like to talk about the parents in custody battles and we hear about everyone viewing them through a microscope. Picking them apart, analyzing every move and every breath and judging everything they do. We look for reasons to like or dislike one or the other. Everything the parents do, everything the children do […]
  • Caselaw Discussion – What the Attorneys are not Telling You – Cook v Cook 2017

    Live broadcast today with Ron and Sherry Palmer, 3 p,m. cst time. Today, we are discussing caselaw, specifically, Cook v. Cook from Maryland. This is a 2017 case. We will be live broadcasting this discussion at 3 p.m. cst today, January 6, 2018. Whether your case is in MD or not, there will be information […]
  • Challenging Contempt Orders for Child Support — Illinois

    Court held you in contempt and you didn’t have the ability to pay? There might be something you can STILL do to fight back.* We found this in our research and you might want to research it as well. Court didn’t hold an ability to pay hearing? Motion to Vacate Contempt Order Template for Illinois v2_5 You […]
  • Child Custody Enforcement Bill Amendment for Texas 25.03

    Texas, as do many states, has an enforcement issue when it comes to enforcing child custody (possession) time. Police refuse to enforce your custody rights. They say that if it is the other parent then it is not kidnapping. You are told that this is a domestic issue and to go back to court to […]
  • Child Custody Possession Schedule Emergency Orders Under Shelter-In-Place Issued by Texas Supreme Court

    These orders apply to all parents in the state of Texas. The Texas Supreme Court has issued emergency orders to help parents navigate these new conditions under the coronavirus. If you have confusion about whether or not you can pick up your child or if whether your child can be denied to you during this […]
  • Child Custody Steps for Protecting Your Parental Rights, Your Child, and Your Pocketbook…

    How do we fight for parental equality in a child custody battle? We would use the following steps: Get the book, “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest”. Get the declaratory judgment brief and complaint. Get the equal protection package. Get the protective motion package for protecting substantive rights. (coming soon) Take the online course, “Protecting Family […]
  • Child Support Attack Against Kash Jackson is Fake News

    Governor Rauner uses his corrupt, unconstitutional, family court system and fake news child support issue to attack the pro-family candidate Kash Jackson after Kash met the requirements to be on the ballot this November. Governor Rauner seems to think its an awful idea for fathers to want to parent their own children equally with the […]
  • Child Support Slavery

    Abortion rights activists show us the way to end child support slavery by recognizing that compelling a person to work for the benefit of another violates the 13th Amendment.
  • Child-Support Contempt: Ability-to-Pay Protection

    Yet another sad post and yet another father in jail for failure to pay unjust child support that he could not afford and being unjustly labeled a deadbeat by evil in a robe. You can fight this and you can win if only....
  • Children Can’t Choose Not to go to School, Why do they get to Choose a Parent in Divorce? Response to Nicole Nenninger’s comment.

    Nicole Nenninger brings up several very important issues around child custody battles. She gets right to the point and we get to the heart of these destructive practices. Yes, the current court system in family law is “a stupid, horrible idea, court system!” Nicole.
  • Civil Rights Attorney Wins Big Again Against CPS

    Tammi Stefano of The National Safe Child show interviews California civil rights Attorney Shawn McMillan who talks about how even he was at risk of having his children grabbed by CPS because he was litigating these cases. His children are grown now so he has much less to worry about. McMillan says that CPS “violate […]
  • Colorado Court Self-Help Website Promotes Biased Mother’s Group

    When a group is clearly not neutral, should your court be providing them as a resource? Should the Colorado Judicial government website list groups who are promoting the destructive idea that women are the better caretakers and that men who challenge this are abusers? This website claims: “Roughly 80% of divorces in our country involve uncontested […]
  • Common Shared Parenting Complaints – Part Two of a Two-Part Series

    This is Part 2 of The Shared Parenting Series. For Part 1, Click here. How do you make shared parenting work when you really don’t like your ex (or your ex really doesn’t like you)? The answer? Parallel parenting. Parallel parenting is almost like the best of both worlds when parenting in an extremely hateful […]
  • Common Shared Parenting Myths – Part One of a Two-Part Series

    Myth: “Kids get bounced back and forth between two homes more in shared parenting than in a primary custodial arrangement, and it’s not stable.” Reality: The actual number of transitions is exactly the same for a child, whether they are on the infamous Siegenthaler schedule (which, interestingly was overturned on appeal – yet many judges […]
  • Compelled Marriage – Lies Divorce Courts Tell

    In Compelled marriage divorce court Judge forces parents to remain married and violates their First Amendment right to divorce.
  • Connecticut Brief with Constitutional Parental Rights Arguments Moving up through Appellate Courts – see the En Banc arguments here

    Connecticut appellate courts decided that constitutional parental rights could be ignored. The parent decided that she would request an en banc review. We are sharing with you the en banc arguments that we gave her to help her continue her fight for justice at the end of this blog post. When you know the trial […]
  • Connecticut Supreme Court protects parental rights and children’s rights

    Connecticut Supreme Court Protects Parental Rights and Children's Rights in latest case reaffirming Santosky principles and breathes new life into custody cases between parents and other relatives or foster parents
  • Constitution state Egregiously Unconstitutional

    Connecticut, or otherwise known as the Constitution State, may have a small population but has one of the most energetic activist groups in the U.S. So, why are so many parents up in arms in Connecticut? Most non-custodial parents in Connecticut only see their children 2-4 times per month! These are fit and loving parents […]
  • Constitutional Challenge on Best Interest of the Child Statute

    The Best Interest of the Child (BIC) is used as a magical incantation that the states use to force parents into traumatic litigation. We show you how they have been tricking you, give you more information about what best interest really is, and offer you the secrets that attorneys don’t want you to know. We […]
  • Convincing Your Attorney

    convincing your attorney: Break the pattern of family court abuse by convincing your attorney to actually perform their fiduciary duty of protecting your rights.
  • Courts of Equity – Do They Have to Follow The Law?

    There have been questions about courts of equity and whether they have to follow the law. The following is a very simplified explanation of the function of courts of equity. Equity courts were established when someone did you wrong and there was no law for it, so you went to a judge and he made […]
  • CPS Takes Children from Mom in Arizona over Unproven False Allegations

    An Arizona mother is being forced to keep her court-appointed Attorney where CPS has taken her children. “A mom in Arizona is being FORCED to use her court appointed attorney who has literally done nothing for her case. Won’t return calls, won’t object to anything in court, literally sits there not saying a single word […]
  • Dadication Video shows Father Involvement is #1 way to Empower and Protect Children

  • DAILY POST: Divorce is not a Trigger for Mental Health or Family Studies

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Divorce is not a Trigger for Mental Health or Family Studies of any Kind. CATEGORY: Family Law Where the state asserts a right to decide the best interests of the child and orders mental health or family studies of any kind, the state violates the Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights of […]
  • DAILY POST: Equal Parenting Reduces Incentives to Fight Over Children, reduces alienation, and does not cause children to be placed with abusers

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Equal Parenting Reduces Incentives to Fight Over Children, reduces alienation, and does not cause children to be placed with abusers. CATEGORY: Family Law Resources “It is insanely cruel for the Family Law System to allow a child to testify against a parent, simply because that system can’t come to terms with […]
  • DAILY POST: If Judges Use Biases Why Can’t You?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Judges, their roles, and their biases CATEGORY: Family Law Emotions matter…especially when they are the emotions of the judge. Yes you have rights and you should not be basing your rights on anyone’s emotions, not even a judge. But you also cannot completely blow the judge off and your opportunity to […]
  • DAILY TOOL: “Unduly Burdensome” and “Unnecessarily Restrictive”

    TOOL OF THE DAY: “Unduly Burdensome” and “Unnecessarily Restrictive” CATEGORY: Family Law Caselaw Are the appellate courts beginning to realize that the trial courts are getting carried away? One of the most recent rulings, IN INTEREST OF HDC, coming out of Tex: Court of Appeals, 14th Dist., November 18, 2014, overturns a Houston, Texas trial […]
  • DAILY TOOL: 7th Circuit District Court of Appeals says Parents are the Experts in Raising Their Own Children

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Parents are the Experts in Raising their own Children — 7th Circuit Brokaw v. Mercer County CASELAW: Family Law Caselaw Who does this case apply to? Anyone in the 7th Circuit. So who is directly in the 7th Circuit? Central District of Illinois. Northern District of Illinois. Southern District of Illinois. […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Activism…Family Courts are the new Selma

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Activism…we will not wait any longer CATEGORY: Family Law Movement “As long as I am unable to exercise my Constitutional right to vote, I do not have command of my own life. I cannot determine my own destiny for it is determined for me by people who would rather see me suffer […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Arguing a Family Law Statute in Court

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Arguing a Family Law Statute in court CATEGORY: Family Law Legislation Most of us have an idea about what guiding principles or values that we follow in our life. Some follow the bible, some just have a general sense of what is right and wrong for their life. The courts have guiding […]
  • Daily Tool: Basics for Framing Your Case when there is Parental Alienation

    Framing your case properly is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from parental alienation.
  • DAILY TOOL: Best Interest Tips

    Many parents have left the court feeling shocked that they never committed any crime and never did anything wrong, and in fact may have even been the parent staying home with the child and some even homeschooling them. These parents leave shocked when the judge decides its in the best interest of their child to be with the other parent the majority of the time.
  • DAILY TOOL: Can the Judge Interview My Child in Chambers?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Interviewing a Child in Chambers CATEGORY: Family Law Can the judge interview my child in chambers? What if the family code statute says he can and my attorney says he can? Is there anything I can do to stop this? Today, we are discussing whether or not this is allowed under the […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Can the Majority Vote to Have Your Constitutional Rights Ignored?

    More and more students/parents of our courses are making their mark and paving the way for constitutional protections in the family courts. The most recent student to make their mark is Michael Bent of Vancouver, Washington.
  • Daily Tool: Child Abuse…Lowered Standards have Hidden Costs

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Child Abuse…Lowered Standards have Hidden Costs CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process This must have been shocking when this father found this video on his son’s IPAD. The mother is very young. And she obviously has very poor coping skills and no tools or skills for raising two toddler boys. She certainly gave me […]
  • Daily Tool: Child Support…How to End Cash for Kids

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Child Support…How to End Cash for Kids CATEGORY: Family Law Power Child support has become a cash cow for States and the Federal government. And it has become extremely difficult for a person to challenge this hungry beast. So, we have created a simple formula for protecting your cash, your assets, and your […]
  • Daily Tool: Child Support…Identifying the Legal Issues and Organizing Your Winning Argument!

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Child Support…Identifying the Legal Issues and Organizing Your Winning Argument! CATEGORY: Family Law Argument Organization What reasoning does the Court use when you are challenging their idea that you should be paying child support? How do you build a solid legal issue when the wrong rule of law is being applied? The […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Child’s Rights Violated by Current Family Law Practices!

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Child’s rights Violated by Current Family Court Practices CATEGORY: Family Law The legal presumption that a state may “grant” or “assign” custody or possession of a child to one parent over another parent based on nothing more than a change in the marital status of the parents is a legal legacy […]
  • Daily Tool: Confrontation Clause…How Does this Protect You From Judge Conferring with Your Child?

    TOOL OF THE DAY:  Confrontation Clause…How Does this Apply to a Judge Interviewing Your Child? CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process When a judge speaks to your child in chambers they cut you off from being able to defend yourself and they violate the confrontation clause, which means they have violated your due process. Keep reading […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Critical Public Health Issue — Equal Parenting Protects Children’s Health

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Equal Parenting Protects Children’s Health CATEGORY: Family Law Politics Senator Ebke of Nebraska stated that not having regular contact with a parent has become a “critical health issue”…that she said contributes to incarceration, truancy, and crime.” Domestic violence advocates believe that it is harmful to have a presumption of equal parenting. […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Declaratory Judgment for Establishing Your Rights

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Declaratory Judgment CATEGORY: Family Law If you are at the beginning of your divorce, consider filing a declaratory judgment. The definition of declaratory judgment is “a judgment that merely decides the rights of parties in a given transaction, situation, or dispute but does not order any action or award damages.” You probably guessed […]
  • Daily Tool: Discovery Supplementation to Preserve Your Right to Argue

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Discovery Supplementation CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure Today is a quick procedural note on how you can ensure that your constitutional arguments can be introduced into your hearing. Because it does you no good to know all about your rights and not know how to actually get them into your Court argument. If […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Disposition Hearing

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Disposition Hearing. CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process Force the burden of proof onto the courts and the opposing parties by requiring them to prove you unfit or a danger directly to your child when they make false accusations…by demanding proper due process. This would mean objecting to any hearing being held […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Divorce is despised more than Gays…Supreme Court hears 4 Gay cases but denies Divorced Parents Grievances

    TOOL OF THE DAY: SCOTUS hears 4 more Gay Marriage cases but continues to deny divorced parents cases. CATEGORY: Family Law On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral argument on 4 gay rights cases hoping to extend the rationale used in the Windsor v. United States case […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Divorce is Not a Trigger for Best Interest…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Divorce is not a trigger for best interest… CATEGORY: Family Law What is the most difficult thing you have had to deal with in the family court process? During our webinar today “What Can I Do When My Child is Being Used Against Me” we had another special guest today, another […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Divorce Tools Steering You Off Track

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Analyzing Divorce Tools CATEGORY: Family Law Strategy If you are surfing around looking for something you can use to gain an advantage so that you can get custody of your children, you can find tons of attorneys, coaches, support groups, and other advisers all swearing by their methods and tools. You […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Do states have a Conflict of Interest in Child Custody?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Conflicts of Interest – The State is a Party CATEGORY: Family Law Caselaw This caselaw counters the BS about the state not being a party in divorce or custody issues. The simple fact that the state asserts an interest in deciding what is in a child’s best interest makes the state […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Do You Have a Right to Appeal?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Right to appeal CATEGORY: Family Law Appellate courts are not required by the constitution. The formation of these courts was left up to congress and state legislatures in Section I of the United States Constitution. There are rules the appellate courts follow when evaluating whether or not you have a right to […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Does Parental Presumption Take Away CPS Power?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Parental Presumption CATEGORY: Family Law How many times has CPS stormed into someone’s life and then told them that they had to do exactly as they were told? How many were told that they had to attend some sort of counseling or rehabilitative parenting type of program or had a looming […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Does Right of First Refusal Feed Narcissists?

    Does the right of first refusal feed a narcissist's ego and make them worse? The Right of First Refusal like best interest sounds great in theory but in practice its far less great.
  • DAILY TOOL: Does the State Have a Right to Violate My Rights? Divorce Judges Think So…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: State Action Doctrine CATEGORY: Family Law Doctrines What is the State Action Doctrine and how does it play a role in how the state courts handle child custody disputes? This doctrine is one that protects the states from the federal government setting laws for the states. It gives the state exceptions […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Don’t Let Legislators Trick You…Your Fundamental Family Rights are not Dependent on them.

    TOOL OF THE DAY: 14th Amendment cannot be abridged by legislators CATEGORY: Family Law Statutory When you are trying to understand where and who changes the rules in family court decisions, it can seem like you are thrown into a circle of power. The judges will tell you that your legislator makes the rules. And […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Drugging Your Child

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Drugging Your Child CATEGORY: Family Law (This post is being worked on.) Is the other parent prohibited from getting treatment without your permission? Does the other parent have to inform you of medical conditions of your child? Is your order in enforceable language? All of these are questions you will want […]
  • Daily Tool: Equal Parenting Time Doesn’t Get You Equal Treatment from SSA

    Daily Tool: Equal Parenting Time Doesn’t Get You Equal Treatment from Social Security Administration CATEGORY: Family Law Definition Did you know that the Social Security Administration is going to discriminate against you if you put the words “primary residential parent” or “physical residence” of the child is the other parent in your final parenting plan or […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Equal Shared Parenting Bills and Contacts

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Equal Shared Parenting Bills and contacts CATEGORY: Family Law Thank you LW4SP for compiling all of the Bills circulating throughout the United States. Click on this LINK TO BILLS FOR EQUAL SHARED PARENTING.  
  • DAILY TOOL: Equality is Accepted in Marriages and Dating, but Not in Divorce?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Equality in Marriage and Dating but not in Divorce. CATEGORY: Family Law Attorneys Tonight while listening to the resident attorneys and the dating expert on “Divorce and Dating Differently”, I realized “wait a minute” they are all talking about how they are fine with equality between the man and the woman […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Family Matters…Do You Have Constitutional Rights in Family Court?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Family Matters…Radio Interview of Ron and Sherry Palmer on Whether Constitutional Rights Apply to Family Courts CATEGORY: Family Law This interview hosted by Jill Egiizi contains a ton of valuable discussion about your rights, where they come from, where to find them, and how to use them! “Imagine a day when […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Family Studies are a Major Driver of False Allegations and Creation of Lies

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Family Studies create incentive and reward for the alienating behavior CATEGORY: Family Law The more you can harass the parent that is being attacked, humiliate them, and rub into their face that their child has been turned on them, the better it makes it for the parent driving the bad behavior. […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Feeding the Family Law System…Not Letting it Destroy You.

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Feeding the Family Law System…Not Letting it Destroy You. CATEGORY: Family Law System What do you do when, “Family Court judges…cherry pick findings to fit the view of the world they prefer would exist….make no findings concerning significant evidence, fail to rule on motions that make them uncomfortable, and usually produce orders […]
  • Daily Tool: Fitness…Do You Know What the Standard Is?

    TOOL OF THE DAY:  Fitness…Do You Know What the Standard Is? CATEGORY: Family Law Fitness of a parent. What is it? If it is not defined well by your State then what else are they supposed to do other than dig into your private business to find something they think makes an undesirable parent, right? […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Florida Alimony Reform HB943 Update

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Florida Alimony Reform HB943 Update CATEGORY: Family Law Reform This video is an update on the bill making its way through Florida’s house. This webinar is hosted by Alan Frisher, Spokesman for Family Law Reform, Inc., Terrance Power, and family law attorney Lori Barkus. HB 943 and companion Senate Bill 1248 […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Frequency vs. Duration of Parent-Child Contact

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Frequency vs. Duration of Parent-Child Contact CATEGORY: Family Law Many statutes say that the goal is to protect the relationship between the parent and the child in divorce. I know that’s the public policy here in Texas. In fact the statute reads: “The public policy of this state is to: (1) assure […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Funding Justice — Where Do you Go When You Don’t Have the Money to Hire an Attorney?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Crowdfunding Tools – Money to Hire an Attorney — FundedJustice CATEGORY: Family Law Funded Justice is a crowdfunding site started by Attorney Michael A. Helfand in Illinois. This site is unique to those needing to raise money for legal needs. Other crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe do not specialize in this area. […]
  • Daily Tool: Habeas Corpus Sample for Protection if you Refuse to Submit to Family Court Orders…

    TOOL OF THE DAY:  Habeas Corpus Motion Sample CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure Are you facing a hearing where the court is threatening to hold you in contempt for not giving in to demands for a psych eval, custody eval, social study or something else that invades your privacy? Everyone could use a little protection when […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Help How Do I Prove a Statute Unconstitutional?

    TOOL OF THE DAY:  When is a statute constitutional or unconstitutional? CATEGORY: Family Law Okay so you told the court that you believed the statute was unconstitutional, but the Judge disagreed and said that the appellate court in other cases found the statute that you are challenging as constitutional, now what? Can you salvage this […]
  • DAILY TOOL: How are the Family Courts Hurting Families?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Preponderance is not Protective CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process Protective parents say they are losing children to abusers, and that this is common practice. Fit parents say they are getting protective orders placed on them and ordered to only see their children in supervised visits, and that this is common practice. […]
  • DAILY TOOL: How do You Protect Rights in Conflict with the Other Parent?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Rights in Conflict CATEGORY: Family Law What are two of the main excuses that the courts, the legislators, the judges, and everyone else says to parents who are fighting over custody? The court has to decide between the two of you because your rights are in conflict. And the court gets […]
  • Daily Tool: How Do You Refuse Psych Evals and Other Invasions of Your Privacy?

    TOOL OF THE DAY:  Invoking 4th Amendment Protection CATEGORY: Family Law If you are facing threats to undergo drug testing, psychiatric evaluations, or social studies or else be cut off from your child…read this post to find out what elements you need in order to claim that your privacy is being intruded illegally. A good […]
  • DAILY TOOL: How Does the Family Court Process Hurt Families? Webinar

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Family Court Harmful Processes CATEGORY: Family Law Process A young couple moved in next door. Their smiling faces and hopeful outlook for the future were reminiscent of how life used to be for you. You wonder if they have any idea what is really in store for their future. And you […]
  • DAILY TOOL: How Might a Child Therapist Affect Your Child Custody Outcome?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Child Therapists and Parenting Facilitators CATEGORY: Family Law Child therapists do not determine the best interest of your child unless you authorize them to do so. One way that you can counter some of what a therapist is testifying to in your case is to ask them questions that they have […]
  • DAILY TOOL: How Parents Sabotage Themselves…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Wanting to Please and Sabotage CATEGORY: Family Law What’s the first thing you are told when you are going through divorce? Listen to your attorney and do exactly as they say. Let’s review where attorneys are starting from. 1. Ask your attorney if they believe that the judge decides the best […]
  • Daily Tool: How to Argue to the Court to Abolish the Best Interest of the Child Doctrine

    TOOL OF THE DAY: How to Argue to the Court to Abolish the Best Interest of the Child Doctrine. CATEGORY: Family Law Policy Analysis [SEE the UPDATED version of this post here.] Today, I discuss how to abolish the “Best Interest of the Child Doctrine” (BIC) from being used in your family court case. (This […]
  • Daily Tool: How to Argue to the Court to Abolish the Best Interest of the Child Doctrine updated

    Best interest of the child is an unconstitutional statute. Learn how to argue to abolish it and protect you and your child from abusive judges who use it to damage your relationship with your child.
  • DAILY TOOL: I told the Judge No, Now What? Protect Yourself from Family Court Discovery…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: A Simple Proven Method for Protecting Yourself from Discovery CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure When a divorce is filed, the judge makes orders right away. These orders trigger things that you will be told that you have to do. We help you understand what is happening in ways that your attorney might […]
  • Daily Tool: Imputed Income…Bad for Children

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Imputed Income…Bad for Children CATEGORY: Family Law (Child Support) What is imputed income? This is where the court can order you to pay child support based on an imaginary amount of money (earning potential), money you might have been earning in the past, money they believe you are capable of earning in […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Is the other parent Guilty of Violating My Constitutional Rights?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Entanglement – State Action Doctrine exception CATEGORY: Family Law Doctrines When can someone be held responsible for violating the constitutional rights of an individual? Since we are only dealing with family law here, we will keep this very specific. So I decided to ask the question “When can the other parent […]
  • Daily Tool: Is Time with Your Child an Entitlement or a Right?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Is Time with Your Child an Entitlement or a Right? CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure Didn’t the father have several hearings already? Didn’t he already receive due process? This is what the Michigan Supreme Court justices asked the defense attorney when he was arguing that the father in “In Re Sanders” did […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Joint Custody…5 steps to avoid falling for it.

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Joint Custody…5 steps to avoid falling for it. CATEGORY: Family Law Did you know that the US Supreme Court has ruled on several occasions that the right to be a parent is one of the most fundamental rights of our society? Did you know that this right only applies to you […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Judges have a duty to report child abuse

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Judges have a duty to report child abuse CATEGORY: Family Law Caselaw Judges are not special in that they get to ignore child abuse, neglect, or endangerment. And respecting the rights of parents does not endanger children. As discussed in yesterday’s blog as well, judges do not have to ignore the […]
  • Daily Tool: Judicial Notice

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Judicial Notice CATEGORY: Family Law Definition Judicial notice is a term used to enter evidence in bulk and to save time. It is not the same thing as entering your exhibits in bulk during trial, since you still have to use your exhibits to prove something in your case. When you take […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Just Who Do You Think You Are…Are Judges and Attorneys Blaming Parents for Problems the Process is Causing?

    DAILY TOOL: Just Who Do You Think You Are…Are Judges and Attorneys Blaming Parents for Problems the Process is Causing? TOOL OF THE DAY: Exercising Your Parental Authority After Divorce CATEGORY: Family Law Culture Have you ever wondered why people run to an attorney when their marriage is on the rocks in the first place? […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Mediation in Kern County — Building a Good Parenting Plan

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Mediation in Kern County CATEGORY: Family Law Court Instructional Videos This Kern County Court video makes a lot of suggestions. The following are the suggestions that they make when building a “good” parenting plan. But first a couple of things that they stated about their mediation that you need to be aware […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Mediation…Top 5 Reasons Mediation Fails!

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Mediation CATEGORY: Family Law [THIS POST IS STILL BEING WORKED ON.] How do the divorce courts use mediation? I remember being shocked the first time I went through mediation. First: you never put someone through mediation when their children are being held hostage from them. Second: you never force mediation onto […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Minimizing Restrictions on Parents Possession or Access

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Minimizing Restrictions on Parents Possession or Access CATEGORY: Family Law Statute Sec. 153.193.  MINIMAL RESTRICTION ON PARENT’S POSSESSION OR ACCESS.  The terms of an order that denies possession of a child to a parent or imposes restrictions or limitations on a parent’s right to possession of or access to a child may not […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Modification…a slippery slope in justice

    Child custody, child support, and alimony modification all seem to have separate sets of rules when it comes to family law. Some of the rules are in print and some are learned culturally. So how are you supposed to navigate the waters? First, it is in my experience that even trained professionals in the field tend to navigate these by the seat of their pants.
  • DAILY TOOL: Motion for Protective Order Sample Template

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Protective Order Sample Template CATEGORY: Family Law Templates If you have been served discovery, asked to do a social study, psych eval, custody evaluation, submit to a counselor or any other type of search you can ask your attorney (if you have one) whether they can file something like this on […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Motion to Amend the Judgment

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Motion to Amend the Judgment CATEGORY: Family Law Definition If there is a substantive error in your order, you can petition the court to amend the judgment. Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure you have ten days to request a correction of law or fact. Examples of substantive issues would […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Parenting Coordinator/Parenting Facilitator

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Parenting Coordinator/Parenting Facilitator CATEGORY: Family Law All states are using “the best interest of the child” to justify any action that they take, e.g. appointing a guardian ad litem, appointing a parenting facilitator or a parenting coordinator. Just because a statute says that the court gets to determine best interest, do you […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Plenary Power

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Plenary Power CATEGORY: Family Law Definition What does it mean when the judge has plenary power? They have absolute and total power to change their orders. When you have an unsigned order their plenary power continues. A judges plenary power ends 30 days after the signing of an order. There are […]
  • Daily Tool: Protecting Your Child During and After Divorce

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Protecting Your Child During and After Divorce CATEGORY: Family Law Protective parents are feeling frustrated and powerless. Let’s take a look at what some are considering protective. “It is my job as a father to protect my son. I don’t agree with the mother’s decision to take my son to a counselor […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Rebuttable Presumption

    If you want to defend yourself adequately, you need to understand rebuttable presumptions and how they can be used against you.
  • DAILY TOOL: Remedy for Removing Judicial Immunity…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Remedy for Removing Judicial Immunity… CATEGORY: Family Law Immunity It is pretty clear that when you place a person in a position of absolute power (a judge, a guardian ad litem, a social worker, a therapist, etc.), do not provide constitutionally compliant boundaries in your family code, and you provide them […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Removing authority of parents leads to more behavior problems in children study reveals

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Parental Authority CATEGORY: Family Law “Reduced father involvement after divorce has been linked to more conduct problems, particularly for boys, but when both mothers and fathers are actively involved and provide authoritative parenting, including monitoring of behaviors, adolescent boys had no more delinquent behaviors than those in married families (Hetherington, 1999; […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Resources for Co-Parenting and Strengthening Families

    Children are losing when fathers are incarcerated or stripped of their driver's licenses. What is the role that father's play in a child's life and how is the child affected when the child is deprived. Are these state policies defeating the purpose they were meant to serve?
  • DAILY TOOL: SAPCR amendment – Adding Protection for Your Rights into Your Pleadings…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: SAPCR amendment — Protecting and Asserting Fundamental Parental Rights CATEGORY: Family Law Forms Sick and tired of waiting for an attorney or some other expensive expert to do the right thing and give you your rights to your children back? Stop waiting and start asserting your rights today. Add the following […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Sherry and Ron B Palmer explain Hodges v. United States

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Hodges v. United States CATEGORY: Family Law case law annotation Your words and argument are your sword against injustice. As Justice Harlan and Justice Day in their dissent state “it is mere words that abolished slavery.”  “…in law, by its own force, that Amendment destroyed slavery and all its incidents and […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Should I File for Divorce?

    DAILY TOOL: Divorce Alternatives — Should I file for divorce? CATEGORY: Family Law What do you do if you think your relationship is on the brink? What happens if you think the other parent is going to want a divorce? What if you have been separated, can the other parent just take off with the […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Social Studies

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Social Studies CATEGORY: Family Law Your family code defines what power the court has to order a social study. The code should also states what criteria has to be met before a social study can be ordered. In Texas Family Code section 107.051 the judge is given the power to order […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Solving the Family Court Puzzle…Organizing and Collaborating.

    TOOL OF THE DAY:  Organization and collaboration tool…wikis for the family court process. CATEGORY: Family Law Organization If we are to understand what needs fixing, we have to understand what is broke, right? And we all know that the family court process is definitely broken. But what is broken and what is not is not […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Standard of Proof

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Standard of Proof CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process Preponderance of the evidence vs. Clear and Convincing evidence might be how you know it. After this post you will be on your way to schooling even the best of them on why the standard of proof used in your family law hearing […]
  • Daily Tool: Steps for Fighting a GAL

    TOOL OF THE DAY:  Steps for Fighting the Appointment of a GAL CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”― Benjamin Franklin Okay, you argued that you don’t believe that the judge should speak to your child in chambers and you used the confrontation clause from yesterday’s post […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Storing and Sharing Your Evidence Just Got Easier…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Storing and Sharing Your Evidence CATEGORY: Family Law Organization can be a problem when you are going through divorce, especially when there are property issues and child custody disputes. We found that the best way to store your files and share them is on a Google Drive, a private wiki, or […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Support Webinars for Parents are Making a Difference…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Support through webinars CATEGORY: Family Law Support Every day parents go through the challenges of making decisions in the confusing and tumultuous terrain that family court attorneys and judges live in every day. Parents and children typically do not. And they don’t have anywhere to turn. Parents and children find themselves forced to live […]
  • Daily Tool: Testifying at Town Hall Meetings and Congressional Hearings2

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Testifying at Town Hall meetings and Congressional Hearings CATEGORY: Family Law Legislative Reform If you had an opportunity to speak to your congress or your supreme court justices, what would you say? This post helps you with that. If you’ve been hurt by family court how do you address this and overcome […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Testifying Before a Legislative Committee

    So many people showed up to testify on HB2363 Equal Parenting Bill that it overwhelmed the committee! The chair, Rep. Dutton stated that there were 17 people who showed up to testify and that if all of them took 20 minutes that we would be there for another 7 hours. Many of us said that "we are happy to stay." Over 17 people testified in favor of the Equal Parental Rights Bill in Texas HB2363 and only one person testified against.
  • DAILY TOOL: Texas Supreme Court rules “Best Interest of the Child” is not used to Protect Children…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Mediated Settlement Agreements – MSA – Best Interest is not intended to be Used to Protect Children CATEGORY: Family Law Caselaw – Statutory This post is about a ruling that the Texas Supreme Court made on a MSA not being approved by the trial court. However, there is some very good […]
  • Daily Tool: The 4 Steps for Entering Evidence

    The basic steps for entering evidence or authenticating evidence in your divorce and child custody case are as follows:
  • DAILY TOOL: Title IV-D

    they are using our children as cash cows or what some may call a "cash for kids" or a form of "child trafficking" scheme. The reason that this practice has gone on this long is that it has been veiled well in an embedded culture, and has been protected by the notion that this was protecting children from poverty. We know now that this is not true.
  • Daily Tool: Top 2 Things the Court Does to Disadvantage You…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Top 2 Things the Court Does to Disadvantage You… CATEGORY: Family Law It’s unnerving walking into a courtroom and having no clue what they think. What are the presumptions that the Court has that is driving some of their behaviors? Find out what you are dealing with before you step into the Court. […]
  • Daily Tool: Top 3 Questions to Ask an Expert Before you Waste Your Money…

  • Daily Tool: Trial Testimony…how to preserve error and avoid the best interest trap.

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Trial testimony…Preserving Error CATEGORY: Family Law This post contains an example of how to testify in a way that integrates your rights without ever having to say the words “I have these rights” or “it is my constitutional right to the care, custody, and control of my child.” The way you testify […]
  • DAILY TOOL: What Did the Court Just Teach Your Children?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Empowering Children in Harmful Ways CATEGORY: Family Law Culture Has your judge ever asked you to “Think about what you two are teaching your children?” Asks you how you want to influence them and what you want to teach them. And then the judge strips one of you of most of your […]
  • DAILY TOOL: What if My Judge Does Not Believe in Equal Shared Parenting?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Equal Shared Parenting CATEGORY: Family Law What if your judge doesn’t believe in equal shared parenting? And what if the experts he relies on don’t either? Your judge is probably going to believe any therapists, GALs or custody evaluators before they believe you. And they might have been influenced by columnists/family […]
  • DAILY TOOL: What is a FIAT?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: What is a FIAT? CATEGORY: Family Law Definition FIAT literally means “let it be done.” An attorney can generally file a FIAT motion for a routine hearing such as signing a divorce decree. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, Ninth Edition, this means: 1. An order or decree, esp. an arbitrary one. […]
  • DAILY TOOL: What is the Order Entry Process?

    The Order Entry Process begins the moment your final trial ends and a lot can go wrong. You need to plan ahead for this process.
  • DAILY TOOL: What’s the Biggest Farce in Divorce?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Excerpt from book — “NOT in the Child’s Best Interest” p. 191 CATEGORY: Family Law State Interest …that the state has a valid interest in protection of your child between two disputing fit parents. The state has NO valid state interest to protect your child from fit parents. The state cannot […]
  • DAILY TOOL: When an Entire System Results in the Same Injury…

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Violation of Due Process CATEGORY: Family Law This might be a social security representative payee case but it sheds light on what the rules are when an entire system is depriving individuals of their constitutional rights. This three-panel judge court found that a particular form being used with mental health patients […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Where Can I Talk About What is Happening to Me?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Awareness CATEGORY: Family Law Tools The top 3 stressful things in life are “Death, Divorce, and Moving” says Amber Rodgers of D.I.V.A.S. in Texas. Many times people going through divorce are also having to move. Getting divorced can get really lonely too. Most people are not aware that when they go […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Why Should You Have Hope When Family Courts Just Keep Winning?

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Hope CATEGORY: Family Law Reform Hope is one of the most powerful and energizing emotions. Without hope people fall into despair, depression, and helplessness. Have you ever watched a show and found amazement in human strength in a story of someone overcoming all odds? Most of the time, the person didn’t let the […]
  • DAILY TOOL: Your Day in Court – Court Video

    TOOL OF THE DAY: Your Day in Court – Court Video CATEGORY: Family Law Instructional Video This video was made by Kern County but could be applicable to all courts with the exception of the resource website that this video shares. Watch the video and make sure that you have these basics covered before going […]
  • Dallas Texas Judge OverRules Jury and Stops 7-year-old James Younger from undergoing gender transition and Governor Abbott has asked CPS to Open a Child Abuse Investigation

    Judge Cooks ruled exactly as she should and how Sherry Palmer stated in a live FaceBook video where Sherry Palmer stated that she hoped that the judge was listening to and paying attention. Ron and Sherry Palmer have been teaching attorneys, parents, legislators, and judges that the constitution places limitations on the judges and provides […]
  • Destroying Divorce Court Lies: Divorce Courts Lie When They Claim That Parental Conflict Negates Parental Rights

    Sadly, many attorneys and divorce court judges use this excuse to take on power that is NOT theirs by right. The idea that a right can be eliminated just because it conflicts with another right would make rights themselves meaningless. Religious rights guaranteed under the First Amendment are often in conflict with the rights of […]
  • Diana Friedman of Texas sues everyone…

    …in the Father’s Rights Movement and anyone who acts in concert with them. It’s not just Thomas Fidler and the Texas group that Diana is after now. Her updated pleadings now state that she is suing all of The Father’s Rights Movement and anyone in concert with them. Are you being sued by Dianne Friedman […]
  • Did you Know that Supreme Court Opinions do not Support Judges or Experts Determining the Best Interest of the Child over a fit Parent?

    This is a very important case if you are fighting against another parent since the same legal reasoning should be applied, except that now you are battling another biological parent. You will notice that this Nebraska case is a biological parent battling grandparents, and that the cases that the Supreme Court uses to support their […]
  • Did You Lose Your Kids Because That’s What You Asked For? Did You Ask The Court To Choose Between You and Your Ex?

    The Way the Court Frames your Case is Important. And You Have the Power to Frame it Right. Your attorney is the one that tells the judge what you want him to do. The book that we are coming out with is going to walk through case law and reasoning that is going bring fundamental […]
  • DIVORCE 101 Launching in Dallas Texas D.I.V.A.S.

    Sherry and Ron B Palmer are one of the speakers and trainers for D.I.V.A.S. DIVORCE 101 launching this Saturday in Flower Mound, Texas! They are one of the very few constitutional scholars, authors, coaches, and instructors to parents and attorneys all over the United States. They have launched a class that teaches parents how to […]
  • Divorce Corp. Powerful Indictment of Corrupt System

    “Wow, what an awesome indictment of our family law system!” Ron B Palmer of Fix Family Courts breaks the silence that hung in the air as people were stunned by this movie. Divorce Corp meticulously documented behaviors that anywhere else would be considered organized crime. All taking place under the guise of a system that […]
  • Divorce Courts Act in Their Own Interests

    Multiple Federal Appellate Courts have found that children have a right to familial association with their parents and that these rights are fundamental rights. The Supreme Court has placed the right to free association into the category of First Amendment rights as the right of free speech would be meaningless without the right to associate […]
  • Divorce Courts are Government by Men NOT Government by Laws

    The Supreme Court back in 1886 dealt with a city code that placed the determination of a violation in the hands of the enforcer. This is the same thing that Divorce Custody Statutes do. They place complete discretion in the hands of one person alone. This is what the Supreme Court had to say about […]
  • Divorce Courts Erasing Moms: McCracken Tells Her Story About the Court Using Parental Alienation to Erase Her from Her Child’s Life

    Moms are being erased from their child’s life all over this country by family courts using divorce as one of the excuses. This series features moms being erased from their child’s life. Why does this series focus on moms? Because, while it is less frequent that mother’s get erased from their child’s life than fathers, it […]
  • Do Florida divorce and child custody laws violate the U.S. Constitution?

    I’ve recently had reason to review the divorce, child-custody, and alimony statutes of Florida, and I have come away with a strong belief that these statutes are unconstitutional as written. If you have read my book or my other blog posts, then you are aware that the U.S. Constitution has been interpreted by the Supreme […]
  • Do I have rights in family court?

    Watch this animated video to see what your rights are in family court.
  • Do I need to hurt the other parent to justify my rights to take my children back?

    Lately, I have noticed that there are some parents looking to our book for the authority to rip the children away from another fit parent, they are hurt and they think they need to hurt the other parent to justify getting their equal rights and equal time back. Parents if you are looking for a […]
  • Do parents have constitutional rights to their children?

    After providing a lengthy discussion of the existing precedent the US Supreme Court as recently as 2000 has said that: “In light of this extensive precedent, it cannot now be doubted that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control […]
  • Do You Know Where Your Rights Come From and Do You Know How to Adapt Those Rights to Family Law?

    Do you know where your rights come from? Most parents do not. Once they learn, they are told that these sources do not apply to the context of family law. At first you might accept that and trust your attorney to take care of you and your needs in the court. This may work for […]
  • Do You Know You Can Sue Your Ex for Interfering with your Parenting Time?

    Do you need to sue your ex or your mother-in-law, the grandparent, because they keep denying you your child in violation of a court order, and they made false allegations about you as well to justify getting a restraining order against you to completely cut you out of your child’s life while their false allegations were under investigation, but now you are broke after having to defend yourself against those charges. Or you just might not have the stomach to go in front of the judge again and are afraid that you’ll just be denied.
  • Does Best Interest have a Definition?

    When a family law judge limits your rights by making a best interest determination, the Court’s best interest determination is an unconstitutional form of viewpoint discrimination, regarding matters of conscience in child-rearing, impermissibly used by the court to violate fundamental constitutional rights.
  • Does ChanceTheRapper Know The Fight He Has Ahead of Him in Family Court?

    The same reporter who sang ChanceTheRapper’s praises when he won 3 Grammys last month, might be changing her tune just because the rapper has not agreed to pay child support. When it comes to child support, even journalists are not immune to the biases that have been perpetuated by the family courts. Mary Mitchell of […]
  • Does the Family Law System require and encourage false abuse allegations?

    There are a lot of complaints out there about false abuse claims. Have we delved into why there might be so many? Really delved. What if you tried to be fair in the beginning? What if you didn’t want to fight? What if you tried not to involve any of your private life and marital […]
  • Domestic Relations

    CHAPTER X1-DOMESTIC RELATIONS Domestic relations is a term used to describe an area of law having to do with marriage, child-rearing, and other family related issues. The federal government says of domestic relations law that, “The whole subject of the domestic relations of husband and wife, parent and child, belongs to the laws of the […]

    These videos might even teach you about some rights you didn’t know you had. Most importantly they introduce you to a place that can teach you how you can use your rights to protect you and your child when you are under attack in divorce. Finally you will have something to stand your ground to […]
  • DuPage Illinois Judge Strikes Down Law Requiring Parents to Pay Child’s College Tuition

    Father wins support argument. On May 4, 2018, a trial court judge in Illinois ruled that the family code statute that required divorced parents to pay for their child’s college expenses was unconstitutional and violated the equal protection clause. The judge used Troxel to justify some of his reasoning for striking the law down. And […]
  • Eady To Use Motions

    Win your child custody case faster and cheaper with Easy to Use Motions that Protect Your Rights and Your Child’s Rights…* Are you being denied equal time with your child or being told that you have to prove why you deserve equal time? These motions show you how to argue that you are equal to […]
  • Education Suffers when Parents are Denied Equal Parenting…

    Remember that many Ph.D.’s will refer to “shared parenting”. Don’t let them get away with that. Insist on equal parenting as the starting point. Go to the post on equal parenting stats to support your argument that shared parenting must start with “equal!” Download this document here Shared-Parenting-effects-on-Education References from this document: Holstein, N. (2015, May […]
  • Eeny Meeny Miny Moe – Enforcement Unequal Treatment

    A father is facing felony charges for recording a custody conference and then posting it on Facebook. “I wanted to show people that the court was acting corruptly,” Cline said Monday in a phone interview. “They weren’t fighting fair. They’re doing everything they can so I can’t have my kids.””1 Do you blame this father […]
  • Elon Musk Warns – We Over Regulate Families

    Governments over regulate families, and Elon Musk warns of population collapse, coincidence or cause and effect.
  • Enforcing Child Support Orders

    When the bills hit $13,000 the costs became too much to bear alone. So they took the other parent to court. The court did nothing to the parent who refused to pay the medical bills all those years. But told the parent who was owed the $13,000 that they had not submitted the bills in a timely manner.
  • Enforcing Parenting Time Just Got easier in Oklahoma with SB 1612

    “This bill is about holding custodial parents more responsible for honoring visitation schedules. Unfortunately, the visitation rights of law-abiding noncustodial parents are continually trampled because they simply can’t afford the court costs of taking the custodial parent to court after every visitation violation,” said Sharp, R-Shawnee. A grandmother wrote us her story on our Facebook […]

    Just spoke with a Dad yesterday who spent three months incarcerated for something that was a simple procedural issue. (That’s a separate issue.) Despite his incarceration, he declined to have the mother put in jail when she violated the orders. To this day however she has continued to interfere with his and his children’s ability […]
  • Equal Parenting and Mental Health

    Download, print, and take this Legislative talk sheet with you to present to your legislators: Equal-Parenting-Effects-on-Mental-Health
  • Equal Parenting Bill HB 453 in Texas has a Companion Bill in the Senate SB 816

    In most states equal parenting bills are not addressing the problems that best interest leaves in place when it comes to a judge using best interest to get out of issuing an equal parenting bill. We have been complaining about best interest making equal parenting bills moot for years. And best interest being problematic because […]
  • Equal Parenting Bill in Texas – Second Most Searched Bill!

    You know your doing good when the equal parenting bill is searched more than a gun carry bill. Second only to a bathroom bill.        If you want to follow the progress of this bill, go here. Add it to your Alert list today! Keep the pressure on these legislators and take your […]
  • Equal Parenting Bill introduced in Texas for 2017

  • Equal Parenting Presumption Bill for Texas

    “Parents have a constitutional right to be presumed fit until proven unfit. Fit parents are presumed to be acting in the best interest of their child until proven to pose through their own illegal acts or omissions a direct danger to their child or to be found unfit.” Download this bill, customize it for your […]
  • Every Time I Said Good Bye – How the BAR Keeps You Weak

    I Didn’t know how long it would be before I would see my children again each time I had to say good bye to them at the airport to send them back to their father.

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  • False Claims of Sexual Abuse Live On Even After Jury Acquittal

    I just wanted you to see the damage that false claims of sexual abuse cause, even after the person is exonerated. The charges were dropped against this pediatric dentist, but when I ran a Google search immediately after seeing the story on CBS News Channel 11, the search pulled up the claims of abuse before […]
  • Family Law Foundation Gloats About Defeating Equal Parenting Bill

    Ever get tired of being told, “I’m not the person responsible, go to so and so and tell them about your problem in the family law system?” I bet you are. So what happens when you find the person who is responsible and that person stands in your way of justice being restored in the […]
  • Family Law Reform Conference ReKindles Hope and Exposes Corruption

    This weekend at the Divorce Corp. Family Law Conference in Washington D.C. there were several moving speakers. I thought I’d highlight a couple of moments that stole the show and stood out from the rest of the activities, in my opinion. Let me just tell you first that I didn’t get to see all of the […]
  • Father Told by CPS Baby Sleeping on Chest is Inappropriate

    A father in Marion County, Indiana pleads with Facebook users to share the photo DCS took off Facebook and used it to keep a case open after they failed to find him unfit. The social worker with the Indiana Department of Children’s Services (DCS) agency told the father that the picture was “inappropriate.” DCS has had the child in their custody for the last 15 months.
  • Father Wins Appeal and Gets Criminal Child Support Conviction Overturned

    In a 4-3 split decision, the state’s high court reversed Nelson’s conviction, reasoning that “care” and “support” refer to different obligations. While it was clear Nelson failed to provide monetary “support,” he argued that prosecutors could not prove that he didn’t provide “care” for his children.
  • Father’s Have Rights Guaranteed by the Constitution. Mother’s Have Rights. Judges Can Protect with Proper CourtRoom Prac

    “We believe that divorce is one area of law in which overly aggressive and hostile tactics do not work well. They serve only to delay resolution, run up legal costs, and do lasting harm to children and families.” Finally a firm that calls attention to practices that are creating “harm to children and families.” […]
  • Fatherless Single Mother Home Statistics

    Are family law courts causing all the school shootings? School shootings have been increasing and there is a strong probability that this is the product of single parent homes that are fatherless, the result of a failed social experiment by the family courts.
  • Federal Court rules on the Palmer’s case regarding Unconstitutional Texas Family Code…

    We have a response from the federal court on the declaratory judgment filed in the Eastern District of Texas. We a responding to it. The magistrate judge Christine Nowak has ruled DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. We have 14 days to respond and we are. We are reviewing her reasons for dismissing this case and will respond. […]
  • Feel UnHeard in Family Court? Did they Ignore Real Abuse and Reward an Abuser? Did you Get Punished for Abuse you Didn’t Do?

    There is absolutely no reason to deal with unproved criminal allegations in a divorce proceeding other than to conduct a witch hunt, and to allow testimony that would otherwise be inadmissible, because it violates constitutional protections.

    The Texas abortion law SB 8 is already becoming a game changer for divorce and child custody law. How can that be?
  • Five Homeschooling Tips for Non-Custodial Parents and Parenting Time

    As novel Coronavirus cases go up, non-custodial parenting time goes down. A shelter-in-place order does not mean that your children cannot see the other parent in person when they live close by.
  • Five Steps to Take if You Cannot Pay Your Child Support because you lost your job

    Lost your job? Five immediate child support steps you must take immediately.

    Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer have announced that their first ever, one-of-a-kind book for lawmakers, “Protecting Parent-Child Bonds: 28th Amendment” will be officially released at the much anticipated movie screening DIVORCE CORP on January 10, 2014. A movie about 4 families that have suffered unimaginable injustices and financial devastation at the hands of the […]
  • Florida Family Code Statute 61.13 is unconstitutional on its face: see exactly where and how

    Title IV-D is where the Federal Government pays the States a kickback for collecting child support without any requirement that the state act within constitutional limitations. The federal courts have an open agreement with the state courts to overlook and refuse to review any constitutional violations in family law.
  • Florida Legislature Sells Swamp Land to Parents Seeking Parental Rights!

    I’ve been reviewing Florida’s family law statutes in detail and can tell you they lie better than any State I have seen so far. Under Florida’s statute 61.13(2)(c)2. it says “The court shall order that the parental responsibility for a minor child be shared by both parents unless the court finds that shared parental responsibility […]
  • Framing Your Case

    If you and your children are being alienated, learn some basic steps you can use in the framing up of your case to help protect your family from the parental alienation tactics being used to strip children from a fit and loving parent.

    If you and your children are being alienated, learn some basic steps you can use in the framing up of your case to help protect your family from the parental alienation tactics being used to strip children from a fit and loving parent.
  • Free Attorney to Ask Your Family Law Questions

    Parents often get served with ex parte emergency orders and have no time or money to get an attorney on time for the hearing. I came across this 800 number where you can get some of your questions answered. One parent has tried it out already and they schedule an attorney to call him within […]
  • Free Josh Jaros

    This father has sat in jail in Texas for almost two months because he did not sell his truck. Josh is an advocate who fought for your parental rights to be protected from interference when you try to spend time with your children at school. Josh got HB 3145 passed last minute in the Texas […]
  • FUAN TALK Episode 2 – Adoptee Birth Certificates law opens Records

    Watch Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds sign the Adoptee Birth Certificate open records bill HF 855 into with Special Guest Michelle Spear.
  • Fundamental Right to Disagree

    Taking children because parents disagree violates the First Amendment protected Fundamental Right to Disagree.
  • Gag Orders in Family Court Overturned with Constitutional Law

    A pro se mother got some of her gag orders overturned by a Tennessee appellate court in a recent case ruling. The mother says she used the constitutional principles she learned from the Palmers book, NOT in the Child’s Best Interest. The appellate court stated that they had no “on point” case law to guide them […]
  • GAL Program Found to Be Operating Unethically for Years

    A volunteer Guardian Ad Litem, Cynthia Bemis, and its VGAL program was found by Judge Anita Farris in Washington State, Snohomish County Superior Court to be engaged in abusive litigation tactics. This is just one of many recent cases of lying and engaging in harmful tactics by a state agency. Channel 5 Reporter Susana Frame […]
  • God Blessed Me With an Angel… and then I got Divorced

    I thought by making these right choices that nobody would or could take my family away or what I had earned and built...I thought if I just made money
  • Going Along to Get Along…

    Going Along to Get Along could cost you your kids, your money, and the rest of your property. There are many parents that are led to believe that they might be saving money by going along with their attorney and they think that they are going along to get along and that they will get […]
  • Governor Rauner’s Child Support Scam

    The state of Illinois receives federal money every time they strip a child from their fit and loving parent. And the more child support they order this fit parent to pay, the more money they get from the federal government. The only way they can justify charging more money is by taking away more child custody time. Judge Salvi is using child support money to line the pockets of the state and Governor Rauner’s budget.
  • Governor Rick Scott being told to Veto the Equal Parenting and Alimony Reform Bill in Florida

    Governor Rick Scott of Florida has 14 days to decide whether or not he will sign a bill that includes an equal parenting presumption and alimony reform. Women’s organizations and some law firms for women are opposing the bill because of the equal parenting presumption. Aside from this being a battle of the genders, which […]

    When do grandparents have rights to raise their own grandchild? Grandparents do have rights. If the biological parent of their grandchild wants to designate a grandparent to care for the grandchild as opposed to the State or CPS or DHS placing them into foster care. It is certain that the grandparent has the right to have the child as designated by the fit parent.
  • Guardian ad Litems can Cost you Your Child Custody Case.

    Another word for Guardian ad Litem, could be EXPLORATORY SEARCH! This is not something you want to subject yourself, your child, or your pocketbook to. The actual definition of Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is “a person appointed by a court as guardian of an infant or other person to act on his or her behalf in a particular action or proceeding.” ( APPOINTING A GAL If a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is assigned in your case, you need to know some […]
  • Has Your Judge or Attorney Ever Told You that the Constitution does NOT apply to Your Child Custody Battle?

    Has your judge ever told you that the constitution doesn’t apply in your custody battle because it is a dispute between two people? I have argued with attorneys on public stages who have tried to push this garbage on me. It is garbage. You know it is garbage and this post will prove it for […]
  • Hassellhoff Wants his Ex to Get a Job so He Can Stop Paying Spousal Support

    David Hassellhoff has paid over 2.5 million in alimony. He has paid since 2006. Recently he filed to have the spousal maintenance eliminated stating that his ex-wife, Pamela, has failed to improve her job skills and is not seeking employment. Why has this argument failed for so many parents in family court in the past? […]
  • Help, I’m Being Alienated

    Alienation. Video explaining how the alienated parent can reframe their case to defeat the alienator.
  • Hilary Duff Agrees with Equal Parenting

    Hilary Duff’s divorce finalized on January 28, 2016, this year is a great example of equal custody co-parenting after divorce. Originally Hilary filed for primary physical custody of Luca, their son, and joint legal custody. However, thanks to the cooperation from both parents it was agreed that they would share Luca equally both physically and legally. […]
  • Hiring an Attorney? What to Know!

    Hiring an Attorney? What you need to know!
  • How and Why Family Court Rewards Narcissists and Creates Dysfunction

    Narcissists are hard for good people to understand. The issue is that you still believed that good exists in your ex, and that this will prevail. You didn’t want to believe that there is evil in people. And that’s probably because you are kindhearted and a good person with a good soul, so you think everyone has what you have inside – a conscience and good intentions.
  • How can Learning the Family Law Business Model Save You Money, Protect Your Health, and Turn Your Case Around?

    Today I’m going to share with you my version of the family law business model and introduce you to a few simple ideas that will teach you how to save money and get on the right track for winning your freedom back, The things that I’m going to talk about today has literally saved lives, […]
  • How Can You Access Your Member Benefits?

    Periodically, you need to discuss a topic and have a question that you just cannot wait for the answer on. Or you have watched videos on it and you are still needing a little more to get it. You have a forum available as a member and this video will walk you through how to […]
  • How can You Challenge the Judge in Family Court?

    He who is without words is powerless. Ever Find Yourself Without the Proper Words? You have a lot to make a stand on in a child custody battle. Certainly more than you knew. And you are not alone when you have the knowledge of those before you. You have more power than you had without […]
  • How Can you Win Child Custody Equal Parenting Even if Your State Doesn’t Have It?

    Brad admits that he had weaknesses that allowed the divorce process to take advantage of him. He said “I’m an asshole when it comes to this need for justice. I don’t know where it comes from, this hollow quest for justice for some perceived slight. I can drill on that for days and years.
  • How Divorced Parents and Children Lose Their Rights

    Emery makes many good suggestions in his article called, “How Divorced Parents Lost Their Rights” and has a good grasp on the process from a psychology perspective. We are, of course constitutional scholars and would like to offer a perspective that hopefully integrates and supports most but not all of what Emery says. For instance […]
  • How do I Enforce my Child Custody Order Criminally?

    You show up at the other parent’s house to pick up your child for the weekend and nobody is there. What do you do? You call the police and tell them you cannot find your child and it is your time to have them. If your child is missing and the other parent has the […]
  • How do I get to my class videos?

    From the Home page of the website, go to “For Members.” From the dropdown menu, click on “Member’s Home.” From the Member’s Home page, scroll down to the picture of the “Protecting Family Rights class.” Click into the PFR class. On the left side of the page, click the day of the class, the lecture, […]
  • How Do You Demand Family Court Reform…FREE webinar Friday!

    The first step is in taking care of you… If you are under attack, the only thing you can think about is protecting yourself from this attack, right? And if you have been losing sleep over this, now you’re too exhausted to protect yourself, think about work, re-configure living arrangements, assess and divide assets, collect […]
  • How do you Register to Testify for a Bill in Texas 85th Session 2017?

  • How Do You Sue Your Judge?

    You can’t sue judges, they have immunity, but you can… …Yes, judges have absolute immunity from facing consequences for their judicial actions. A completely unaccountable bureaucrat is taking control of your child and he/she can’t be punished in any way even if they violate your rights willfully and knowingly. Why bother suing them then, if […]
  • How Has Your Ex Affected Your Life?

  • How jailing a Father for Back Child Support is Hurting his Daughters

    Back Child Support is Being Used to Incarcerate a Man who Supported His Children Directly The children in this case are grown, their needs were provided for, so regardless of whether the duty was met or not, the children were adequately cared for and are now grown. There is no longer any best interest duty […]
  • How Much Is Your Child Worth to Your State? Attorney General office brags again about child support.

    The state of Texas Office of the Attorney General collected 4.37 billion dollars in child support last year, according to Joel Rogers is the associate deputy director for policy legal and program operations for OAG child support division. Joe Rogers testifies on their child support program, why it was created, and how much they collect. […]
  • How the BAR association through their UPL committee protects illegal family law practices.

    So, let’s look at what the state is doing in regulating its Domestic Relations policy and how it defines that policy. If two parents of a minor child disagree on matters of conscience regarding how that child is to be raised then the state claims that it has parens patriae power to step in and take over that decision making. That’s very questionable and highly unconstitutional on its face, number one, because you have an absolute right to conscience and what you believe to be in your child’s best interest is absolutely protected and the state cannot challenge that or go against that in anyway.
  • How the Constitution Applies to Equity Courts…

    …don’t feel bad Dr. Drew, many judges and attorneys mess this one up too! The Constitution DOES apply to Courts of Equity! This post is not an attempt to attack Dr. Drew. We support wholeheartedly what he is doing and appreciate that he supports these issues. But we need to address the confusion about whether […]
  • How the Family Courts Censor You – First Amendment rights versus Fourteenth Amendment

    The Supreme Court says that your parent-child association right is protected by the First Amendment as both intimate and expressive association. Close family associations of this nature must receive strict scrutiny protections which your divorce court judge is denying you. This is an abuse of discretion because the judge lacks any discretion to limit this right without first providing full due process protections to you and to your child.

    Pro Se Help Challenge discovery imposed by the other side or the courts. If you are facing “fishing expeditions” where the courts are trying to invade your mind and your privacy through the use of child custody studies, psych evals, and social studies…Watch this video to learn the strategies that Ron and Sherry Palmer have […]
  • How to Challenge Waiver of Parental Rights

    Many state court judges believe that you waive your parental rights when enter a custody battle because they say you are asking the court to decide what you cannot decide together. This, of course, is illegal but you need to know how to fight it. What should you do?
  • How to Defeat the Argument that Parental Rights are NOT Absolute

    When they tell you your rights are not absolute, most people are befuddled at that point, “What do you mean my rights are not absolute? I don’t understand. Why are you taking my rights?” What you have to hit them back with is, “Yes, your honor, I know fully well my rights are not absolute, but my rights are absolutely protected by the First Amendment at strict scrutiny in terms of speech, Association, and worship.
  • How to Demand Protection of Your Legal Rights in Separation!

  • How to Fight for Your Parental Rights Part 1

  • How to Find Safe and Affordable Childcare: 5 Helpful Tips for Parents

    Parents are facing a crisis in the United States: Many people cannot afford the outrageous costs of childcare. A report by NPR found that average American parents are “sweating and hustling” to pay for the childcare they rely on
  • How to Limit Divorce Court Power to deny your parental rights – procedural due process?

    Did you know that you can block the Divorce Court from determining custody based on the best interest of the child standard? There is a basic procedural step that your attorney and the Judge are simply skipping over as they rush to assume that the Divorce Court has authority to take your child from you. […]
  • How to Skip Video Intro

  • How to work with your sample motions

  • How to work with your sample motions

    In this video, Ron and Sherry discuss the sample motions and how they can be used to improve outcomes in your case.
  • I Am The System…

    Allowing judges to force their idea of what kind of parent you should be to your child is nothing more than social engineering,
  • I Just Want My Son…Back.

    Any judge and attorneys that think that it is their business or even their right to do this to a parent and a child should be ashamed!
  • Ideas are very often tainted by people’s personal ideologies. Glattfelder Oct 2012 TED talk

    “Ideas are very often tainted by people’s personal ideologies.” The complexity perspective, James B. Glattfelder hopes allows for some common
  • Identifying Patterns of Alienator Parent in terms of Best Practices For District Courts

    IDENTIFYING PATTERNS OF AN ALIENATOR PARENT IN TERMS OF BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES THAT DISTRICT COURTS CAN USE (I didn’t have my children this Labor Day weekend so I worked on helping other parents protect their children from losing them.) This is a work in progress. EDUCATION AND AWARENESS TO THE COURT ALIENATION IS A PATTERNED […]
  • If Your Case is in Front of An Associate Judge, You Need to Know…

    Your rights are precious and powerful. So is the abuse of power that you will face. And this abuse of power is swift and severe. If you are one of the many parents quickly discovering the power of your rights and have found the motions on our motions page. You will want to know how […]
  • Illinois Child Support – the Real Story and Kash Jackson

    When elected as Governor, when Grayson “Kash” Jackson takes office, he should immediately insist that the legislature and the judiciary stop violating the separation of powers doctrine and insist that if the state is going to regulate domestic relations between divorced and married parents, that the legislature should properly fund an executive agency to administer […]
  • Illinois Children Deserve Better

    Do children whose parents divorce deserve less than other children who get two full and equal parents in their lives? Why does Governor Rauner believe its in a child’s best interest to deprive that child of a fit parent? That’s his state’s current policy. Governor Rauner’s policy is that children whose parents are divorced or […]
  • Illinois has a New Way to Calculate Child Support

    “Up until now, Illinois has followed the “Percentage of Income” model of child support, calculating support based on a flat percentage of only the non-residential parent’s income without any consideration of the residential parent’s income.” Illinois is getting ready to join 39 other states where income calculations will not be based on both custodial and […]
  • Illinois Proposed Equal Parenting Bill 4113

    All over the U.S. fathers and mothers have come together to push equal parenting bills in an effort to get the courts out of their lives and to stop the courts from interfering in their children’s lives. Jesse West, Sr, Founder of  “Dads Can Too,” and Ryan Allison, Member of Illinois Fathers for Equality, have come […]

    PRO SE HELP Part I – Pro Se help for parents and review of the In Re Sanders case and how it helps you protect your rights. JUMP TO 7:20 for the slide beginning the review on SANDERS. We begin with Stanley and then jump right to explaining the proper due process and how to […]
  • Indiana School Shooter – Are these the results of Broken Home Family Court Policies?

    “Perhaps it’s time to stop forcing kids into broken homes and cutting off a parent. The #1 precursor to teen violence is a missing parent, says Monica Szymonik. “Keep equal and reasonable access to each fit parent in divorce. Judges need to stop taking fundamental rights away from parents just because they elect to divorce. […]
  • Information you need to protect your rights in family court – Truth Bomb 1

  • Interpreting the Constitution

    Many people believe that it is exclusively the courts’ job to interpret the constitution. This is a fallacy. What is true is that the courts most often have the final say in what is and what is not constitutional but they don’t always have the final say. The way this works is that everybody has […]
  • Interview of Sherry Palmer by Ted Fogg with RFIR Radio and Million Parent March

    We talk with Michael Ferrini about how children are actually harmed by the state ignoring proper procedure necessary allegations in order to properly protect the children.
  • Iowa Proposed Joint Custody Bills Getting Major Push Back from the Bar and Domestic Violence Groups

    It looks like Iowa is trying to move closer to an equal parenting presumption and their idea of an equal parenting law. Iowa has a House Bill and a sister Senate Bill that propose joint physical care. equal parenting bills that are getting quite a bit of opposition from C.P.S. saying that this presumption will increase domestic […]
  • Is Claiming Narcissism in the Family Court System grounds to ignore Parental Rights?

    Tina Swithin brings up some really good points and some suggestions in her most recent article but also presents a couple of suggestions and ideas that are contrary to...
  • Is Excessive child support destroying families and our national economy?

    Is our country on the verge of a new epidemic left over from an old regime? Bankruptcy, joblessness, and incarceration have become synonymous with divorce and child custody proceedings. Could outrageous child support awards be one of the culprits? Deadbeat dads are the scourge of our nation, or so the government would have you believe. Married […]
  • Is Parental Alienation Junk Science or Real?

  • Is Partisanship Causing Your Legislator to Deny Equal Parenting?

    How many of your legislators incorrectly believe that equal parenting or close to it is awarded in divorce most of the time? This most recent article got me thinking.* Is partisanship driving the decision that your legislator is making regarding equal parenting? If they believe that equal parenting is already available they might not be […]
  • Is Staying in an Abusive Relationship Causing Your Children to Get Bullied?

    Are you living in abuse and don’t have the motivation to get out, but you know you should? Have you wondered why your children are not standing up to the bullies at school even though you’ve given them several pep talks to help them do so? Perhaps you are not setting the example and you […]
  • Is the Abuse you Seek to Escape in Your Marriage Magnified in Divorce? Are Children Used as Weapons in Divorce?

    “Divorce court has no boundaries and the abuse you seek to escape in your marriage is magnified by our current family court system and in many cases made worse. You become more mistreated and abused and worse now they have the authority and approval of the courts to do it and become even more empowered. […]
  • Is There a Limit to How much Child Support can be Taken from My Paycheck?

    You can go to jail for not paying child support. We all know that. But did you know that you can go to jail while you are paying child support? Friday, a father in El Paso, Texas, April 1, 2016, was arrested at the courthouse while filing for a temporary restraining order against the mother for […]
  • It’s the Parent’s Fault? Are Divorce Courts Causing Harm to America’s Children?

    It’s the Parent’s Fault? What if your child is against you? What if your child does not want to live with you? What happens when the court places your child in a position to choose between parents? Does this warrant marginalizing a parent?  Does it really matter what it is labeled? Not really. The result […]
  • It’s My Job to Destroy Parent-Child Relationships…Will That Excuse Save Me?

    parents going through a custody battle can relate to how the scene in “The Green Mile,” where the warden’s wife says to John (the man on death row who just saved her life) “I dreamed of you…we were both wandering in the dark and we found each other” feels.
  • Join us and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK…

    We can, Be strong… — Appreciate Gratitude (@2thank) April 3, 2014 Parents that come to us find a place where they can find tools that help them fight back! When they keep you in the dark and hide the rules and procedures and make statutes that violate your rights… you have two options: 1. […]
  • Joint Custody Bill HB 4691 Passes Committee and Prohibits Parents From Living More Than 80 Miles Apart

    H.B. 4691 Michigan Joint Custody Bill passes 6-3. Republicans for the bill and Democrats against. Many states are commending themselves for passing bills they call joint custody, shared, parenting, or equal parenting bills. But what is really going on and what do these really mean. Let’s take a little closer look at 4691. It’s a […]
  • Judges Accused of Being Part of a Pay-to-Play Scheme that Makes Your Vote Meaningless

    Elections Create a Political Judiciary Judicial Elections have Become Another Playground for Big Spenders. Attorney Larry DeMarco in Delaware County PA is running on an anti-corruption campaign. He says that there is corruption and collusion between judges, your legislator, attorneys, and the attorney BAR everywhere. He created a three-part video series that utilizes video clips from […]
  • Judges Act In Their Own Best Interests

    Its in the Judge's best interests to ignore well established law "We have emphasized that the First Amendment protects those relationships, including family relationships, that presuppose deep attachments and commitments to the necessarily few other individuals with whom one shares not only a special community of...
  • Judges do not Have the Right to Interview Your Child!

    Worried that your child has been turned on you and is going to be used against you privately in chambers? Worried that the judge will accept something from your child privately that you’ll never have opportunity to defend against? Are you being told that the judge has the right to interview your child? Don’t stand […]
  • Jury sides with mother in Texas to allow hormone-replacement therapy on a 7-year-old boy – Father Loses Fight to Protect His Son James from Mother’s Choice to Gender Transition his Son to a Girl

    A father lost his battle to protect his son this week in Texas. Jeffrey Younger did not agree with giving his 7-year-old son hormone-replacement therapy to transition him from a boy to a girl. He felt his son was going through a phase.
  • Just Say NO – Boundaries, Power, Expectations, and Legal Abuse

    Managing Your Attorney – Boundaries, Expectations, Power, and Legal Abuse There is a time and a place for following authority and that is when authority stays within its proper bounds. Today’s journey is about identifying when that authority has gone beyond its limits and you no longer are receiving the protection you thought you paid […]
  • Kate Hudson’s Boyfriend has NO Custody Rights to his Baby if he Resided in Massachusetts

    Mothers have automatic custody of a newborn child born out of wedlock. A father however must fight for rights to their baby. The mother continues to have custody of this child even after the father establishes paternity, until an order or judgment of a probate and family court according to Massachusetts General Assembly statutes. The […]
  • Legislative Bills in Texas – Find a Bill

    If you want to find a Bill currently being proposed in Texas, you can Find your Bill number here. The current proposed equal parenting bill is HB 453 sponsored by James White (text of HB 453).  If you want to know if there are more bills regarding Equal parenting, click here and use the key words […]
  • Legislative Dates and Status of Bills in Texas 85th Session 2017

    You can follow the status of Bills, how to contact your legislator, find important Bill dates, and how a legislator voted all through this link: Texas Legislature Online
  • Legislators from Several States Speaking at History Making AFESP Capitols for Kids Equal Parenting Legislation Conference


    In Chapter 5 Sec. 151.003 of the Texas Family Code, the legislatures passed that it is every parent’s individual “fundamental right and duty…to direct the upbringing” of your child. Sec. 151.003 might be addressing LIMITATION ON STATE AGENCY ACTION, but that doesn’t change that this is their finding and it passed, signed and sealed. Since […]
  • Letter to House and Senate Representatives on Equal Parental Rights

  • Libelous Post

    We have recently been the victims of a libelous post by someone who is seeking to get people to join a class action suit by “guaranteeing” that they will win in court. We will not name that person here as we do not want to unintentionally steer desperate parents into something we believe to less […]
  • Lie 1: Best Interests of the Child

    The Constitution protects all individuals, male or female, married or unmarried, even where that power is employed for the supposed benefit of a member of the individual's family.
  • Live Stream Video and Audio of Testimony on Legislative Bills in Texas – Find Links Here

    Go here for live Recordings and Broadcasts of Floor and Committee Meetings and Hearings Proceedings Floor proceedings of the senate and the house of representatives and on-site committee proceedings, both during the legislative session and during the interim, are broadcast live online, on cable television, and via mobile devices at Video and audio broadcasts […]
  • Location of Testimony on HB2363 Equal Parenting Bill Pena

    Attached is the link to the location of where you will need to be to testify in person tomorrow: and here is where the live video feed will be of the testimony will be:   Want more information about testifying yourself? Go to this page:
  • Major Media Notices that Parents Seek Removal of Their Child Custody Cases to Federal Court

    Father makes Multiple Attempts at Removal of Case Involving Child Custody to Federal Court Kyla Asbury with reported that Rudy Meza, “A California man recently filed a notice of removal in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California” has filed for removal of his custody case on June 15, 2018. However, […]
  • Making Parental Alienation a Criminal Offense

    DEFINING PARENTAL ALIENATION Many organizations would like parental alienation to be considered child abuse. But before that can happen there needs to be a discussion about how to make this a crime, and what constitutes the crime. In other words, what gets included as being criminal, you cannot make it criminal for parents to express […]
  • Mapping Your Way to Win Child Custody Hearing and out of the Family Court Tyranny…

    Sherry and Ron B Palmer map the way for parents to find their way out of the tyranny, bigotry, and lies of the family courts. “We are helping parents all over the United States stop the abuse of power. Let’s not lose another parent-child relationship to these family courts.”1 That means that this battle must […]
  • Marital Status

    Marital Status is a concept created by American governments to separate their regulation of marriage as a civil institution from the historical religious justification for its regulation under English law.
  • Marriage

    Marriage is a private association between two people as both an intimate and an expressive close-family association that is constitutionally protected under the First and Fourteenth Amendments and as a privacy right.
  • Measure 6 is defeated…Your Equal Parental Rights are not…

    Today is a new day! Okay we know that you held out a lot of hope that Measure 6 would pass and maybe perhaps you even think that because it didn’t pass you don’t have equal parental rights. you might even think that there is no presumption that you are fit and equal. Not so […]
  • Missouri’s Proposed Equal Parenting Bill — SB 377

    Missouri has filed a House and a Senate Bill this year for equal parenting. Senate Bill (SB 377) was the newest Bill to be filed. This Bill adds an equal parenting presumption to the Missouri family code. “SB 377 – Adds a rebuttable presumption that equal or approximately equal parenting time with each parent is in […]
  • Mom Gets Texas D.A. to Enforce Penal Code for Child Custody Interference and Arrest Father

    Parent withholding your child? Are you being alienated? This mother finally got a Texas District Attorney’s office to enforce the penal code regarding child custody interference. They arrested the father yesterday, March 2, 2017, and she was able to go and pick her children up immediately. Penal Code 25.03 says that a person is interfering […]
  • Monica Contreras Sexually Assaulted by Family Court Marshal – A Reason All Courts Should be Videotaped

    Monica Contreras was sexually assaulted following a hearing in her divorce case. In August of 2011, Marshal Ron Fox sexually assaulted this mother in the Clark County Courthouse. Then he arrested her and had her child taken.
  • Montana Supreme Court Agrees child Support Law Unconstitutional

    Montana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a law passed in 1997 was a violation of separation of powers and allowed Judge Buyske’s ruling to stand. Judge Buyske ruled the statute unconstitutional after the Executive branch had threatened to alter a child support amount on an order that Judge Buyske had issued years prior, and had […]
  • Mother Calling for Change to DCS Policy After Male Sent to Take Pictures of Her Daughter’s Butt

    How Can Parents Protect Their Children From CPS? Facebook users are asking this question as this video continues to circulate three years later. Indiana CPS workers came out and harassed this mother after the police brought her 10-year-old daughter home in handcuffs after she was expelled from Dickinson Intermediate School. The mother spanked the child […]
  • Mother kills son after loses child custody dispute that was to end in equal 50-50 custody

    Father, Jeff Sandberg, and his family have suffered a terrible loss. He has decided to turn his tragedy into an effort to change the laws in Minnesota. He has started these efforts even before his son’s burial. The law that he wants to change has to do with psych evals. This is somewhat interesting since […]
  • Musings of a “non-custodial” mom

    Fielding off well-meaning comments from the public is a skill that every outcasted parent needs to learn. We live in a culture where children are at the forefront of everything. When your children are not with you, and you utter to anyone that you have kids, brace yourself. From elderly relatives who don’t understand how […]
  • My Declaratory Judgment Journey – Part 1

    Filing a motion for Declaratory Judgment in Family Court is bound to raise some eyebrows. Should you go down this path? I believe every parent should. It’s prudent for your case. I have been going through the destructive Family Court for more than seven years. I have followed the rules and jumped through the hoops. […]
  • Nevermind applying Constitutional law to your court motions… how does one even absorb it all in the first place?

    Finding yourself stuck in the maze of Family Court life, you are likely to run into a situation where you feel helpless (um, yeah that’s why you’re here, right?). Yet, while seeking knowledge about your parental rights is not a substitute for the representation of counsel, it helps move your case forward more efficiently if […]
  • New Bill SB 816 Filed to Challenge Best Interest of the Child Championed by Senator Campbell

    Senator Campbell just filed a Bill yesterday that has the potential to put an end to the abuses created by “best interest of the child” standards. SB 816 can be looked at here. Senator Campbell had the foresight to know that just having equal parenting bills was not going to be enough. SB 816 is […]
  • New Book Content Available

    As we are finalizing our latest book and preparing to send it to publication, we are already hard at work on the book that comes after that. Previews of this book with special content will be available to members only. Our first two books are available to read online by our members. Just as soon […]
  • New BREAKTHROUGH Motions for Protecting Proper Due Process in Family Courts

    Have a child custody case coming up? Has anyone talked about what rights are at stake here? The last time I sat in a courtroom waiting for the family cases to be heard, I got to hear the criminal docket first. The judge asked every single person at the beginning of their criminal hearing if […]
  • New Child Custody Enforcement Bill Filed in Texas Today HB 3883

    Texas Representative James White has filed another powerful bill in the Texas Legislature this 85th session, HB 3883, relating to interference with possession or access to a child, with penalties. Noncustodial parents have been having difficulty enforcing their possession time with their children. It’s expensive and they couldn’t get help from law enforcement or the […]
  • New Research Proves Opposition to Shared Parenting can be Harmful to Children (ACEs Study)

  • New Studies Show that Equal Parenting is not Harmful to Children…

    Not being able to get along, agree, or co-parent is the reason that many judges use for ordering one parent more time with the child than the other. You do not have to settle for this anymore! It is now easier than ever to argue that you are entitled to and that your child deserves […]
  • New Way to Divorce — Learn What Attorneys Don’t Tell You

    Divorce is scary business, especially when there is a child involved. Parents are hiring attorneys with the belief that the attorney is going to protect them. Your attorney will NOT protect your rights the way you think they will. You think you can just pay them a retainer and forget about your case, that the […]
  • NICBI Quotation

  • NICBI Quotation

  • NICBI Quotations

  • NICBI Quotations

  • No-Fault Divorce

    No-Fault Divorce is a legal creation designed to avoid constitutional challenge to the State's authority to regulate marriage and to allow state's to continue punishing exercise of the Right to Divorce.
  • Noncustodial Parents in Illinois Can Receive Child Support!

    See the case In Re Marriage of Turk (Illinois Supreme Court 2014). The court ruled that the custodial parent can be made to pay the noncustodial parent to alleviate the noncustodial parent’s inability to pay their share of their responsibility to support the child. “the final child support order may result in a “negative” payment […]
  • Not in the Child’s Best Interest new book coming soon Table of Contents preview

    The following is a preview of the Table of Contents from the book written by Ron B. Palmer and Sherry L. Palmer
  • Ohio Court passes Equal Parenting as the Standard Parenting Plan Order in Tuscarawas County!

    Finally a court that is going to default to an EQUAL Standard Parenting Order when the parents cannot agree! And NO primary residential parent! Each parent is primary during the time they have possession of the child. The courts have agreed to equal for 3-13 year olds. How will this plan work if the parents live […]
  • Parallel Parenting Steps for Setting Boundaries with a Narcissist Parenting Time Guidelines

  • Parental Alienation Business Model and the Pain of Staying Connected and the Benefits the Children Lose

    Today I’m going to share with you some painful reminders as well as the four stages of Parental Alienation. You’re a parent and you go to pick up your child for your visitation time, and you end up driving all the way back in rush hour traffic with an empty car. No child again. Or […]
  • Parental Alienation Education Pleas Made to Board in California

    Parental alienation is not junk science. Professor Ron Berglas says that the only reason that parental alienation has been able to be used by abusive parents is because the mental health professional has not properly been trained to identify parental alienation. Watch as Dr. Berglas testifies to the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to urge […]
  • Parental Rights

  • Parental Rights Bill Template for Texas

    You can take this Bill to your legislators in Texas and ask them to sponsor it. AN ACT for Parental Rights v2_1 FFC Bill They will add a Bill number to it and then you can distribute as a proposed bill once that happens. Send to us if you get it sponsored and we will then […]
  • Parental Rights took a Major hit Today

    Parental rights took a major hit today, and both liberals and conservatives are to blame because both sides blatantly hate individual freedom for anyone but themselves.
  • Parenting Coordinators — Helpful or Damaging to Your Child Custody Case?

    Whether it is a Parenting Coordinator, a GAL, an ARC, an Amicus, or anyone you ask the court to appoint, or the court demands, to serve as an extension to the court, to determine the best interest of your child or in resolving your disagreements involving the care, custody, and control of your child, has […]
  • Parents are particularly annoyed by judges and attorneys who…Must-have list before you step foot into court in Child Custody Cases

    What do you need to have before stepping foot into a court?
  • Parents Getting Ready to Follow Declaratory Judgment Path that gay rights movement and Roe v Wade followed to Voiding Unconstitutional Family Laws

    Last Friday the gay rights movement was added to the growing list of judicial successes for ridding our society of abuse of power in the states. Prior to the success of the gay rights movement, Norma McCorvey, or more well known as Jane Roe in the famous landmark case called Roe v. Wade, succeeded in getting […]
  • Parents Injured in Divorces Ousting Politicians and Running for Governor

  • Parents who Ignore their Rights, Lose their Children

    EXTREME JUDICIAL FAILURE: MARYLAND – Appellate Court Wrong about Parental Rights When it comes to family law, state court judges seem to simply lose their minds. The garbage they spew to justify their illegal actions is legend. This article exposes the shame of the Maryland Court of Appeals, the highest state court in Maryland. As […]
  • Patrick Glynn 400 mile Walk for Children Lost in Divorce

  • Pissed Off Father Tells California Legislator About Family Court Unconstitutional Practices

    A Pissed Off Dad Eric Scharfenberger, “A Pissed Off Dad” testified in front of the California legislator that the California laws are unconstitutional, and tells them that the family courts have kidnapped his 11-month-old son, are trafficking his child for Title IV-D money, and that they are in bed with the executive. He equates what […]
  • Placing the Child’s Right to Stability into Perspective

    Any right to stability that may exist only exists against government action NOT against actions of fit parents.
  • Please Read My Letter – A Parent’s Plea to NPR

    I was very moved today to write about the pathology of the Family Court to Representative Urban of Stonington, CT after hearing her speak on NPR’s “Where We Live” and share the trauma that this inflicts on children in Connecticut: (The following is what I posted on Facebook. Go to the end of this article and […]
  • Podcast: Ultra Vires Regulation of Domestic Relations – Separation of Powers Doctrine

    hear from Ron why the Separation of Powers Doctrine matters in your child custody suit.
  • Pre-Trial Motions

    Video: Win Child Custody - Fast, Easy, Simple New Pre-Trial Motions
  • Promises and PTSD a new way to see it.

    Very important work. Anyone that has ever had trauma issues from their childhood or relationship can make a difference by contributing to this film today. If you have ever tried to explain to someone what it felt like but couldn’t get the other person to understand, now you can let Melody and Mike show the […]
  • PROP 4 in Texas involves the AG in your child custody case!

    Proposition 4 proposes a constitutional amendment to require that a court notify the Attorney General (AG) when a statute’s constitutionality is being challenged before the court rules on it. This gives the AG 45 days to decide whether they wish to respond and intervene. This does not control how the judge rules. This does however […]
  • Protect Your Rights in a Child Custody Case

    How to protect your rights in your child custody case.
  • Protecting Parent-Child Bonds Equally – Amendment for Legislative Bills

    Use this book to help your legislator take your rights back!                                                                       The 28th Amendment: Protecting Parent Child BondsAuthored by Ron […]
  • Prove to Me Why You Should Get 50/50…

    Are the days of having to prove why you deserve equal custody of your child coming to an end? Looking through the history of the child custody laws in the state of Washington, you might not think so. Over the years, Washington residents have had several changes to their child custody statutes and no doubt […]
  • Radio Interview of the authors of the book “Not in the Child’s Best Interest”

    Interview of authors of “Not in the Child’s Best Interest” by Marti Oakley of TS Radio Listen to internet radio with Marti Oakley on BlogTalkRadio If you missed this interview where we discuss Chapter 2 from the new breakthrough parental rights book, “The Wrong-Headed Thinking of Divorce Courts” you can listen to it here. Post […]
  • Rally Honors Those Who Fight and Have Fallen to Protect Rights in Divorce

    Families all over America are grateful for the soldiers who have sacrificed their own comforts and sometimes even their own life to protect the one document that protects your rights and liberties, the Constitution. It’s the Constitution that protects your right to be free from government interference into your private family life, your right to […]
  • Reclaim your Identity

    SUBSCRIBE to this blog for cutting edge family court effective tools, cutting edge strategies, motivational support, and training bonuses. This is Sherry Palmer taking the trauma of the family courts and converting that into strength, energy, and power. She has a no BS transparent approach. –Begin Transcript– I believe that your identity is what makes […]
  • Removing Immunity from Guardian ad Litems

    College funds are being stripped from children to pay the family courts. Courts are appointing Guardian ad Litems and AMCs in Connecticut who had unlimited authority, total immunity, and could bill without limit. Parents were threatened with jail if they did not pay. This was the picture in Connecticut 3 years ago. This father decided […]
  • Response to Ica Iova’s “Living Apart But Still A Family”

    The following is a response to a very good article written by Ica Iova called “Living Apart But Still A Family” located at Broken Home Society. True most parents are unable to agree after divorce. This however is not grounds for a court to allow the other parent to torture and terrorize you or require you […]
  • Revealing Chicago Gun Violence in America #1 Symptom is Fatherlessness

  • REVIVING HB2363 Equal Parenting Bill…

    Today through June 1, 2015 you should be sending an e-mail to all of the senators and house representatives. We have made it very easy for you to do this. Watch the video instructions and go below it to find all of the stuff you can copy into your e-mail! Copy the following to all […]
  • Right to Divorce

    If marriage is an intimate and expressive close family association protected by the First Amendment, then the Right to Divorce is the right NOT to Associate as a core element of the right. It is undeniable that the Right to Associate also contains the Right NOT to Associate.
  • Ron Header Test Test

    There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don't look even slightly believable.
  • SCOTUS Year End Report

    Every year the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) issues a year end report with stats on the federal courts. Did you know that the federal courts employ 30,000 people? Did you know that half of federal civil appeals were filed pro se? One way to know something about how well the […]
  • Services Testimonial

  • Services Testimonial

  • Services Testimonial

  • Services Testimonial

  • Should a Court Protect a Child from a Not so Great Parent?

    Virtual Round Table is a new podcast with Stephen Krasner, guest blogger for Huffington Post, and Zena Crenshaw-Logal, J.D. Zena, around time marker 8:30 asks Stephen whether the court is “erring on the side of caution” and whether or not the court is justified when they create delays in order to keep a mother away from […]
  • Should I Ask for a Psych Eval?

    Should you ask the court for a psych eval on the other parent? The idea that if you prove the other parent has a mental illness or is a narcissist will solve all of your custody problems is a very common one that we address regularly with attorneys, parents, divorce coaches, advocates, and other professionals. […]
  • Should I File a Federal Removal?

    Do I Qualify to File a Federal Removal in My Family Law Case? If you are in a divorce child custody suit and you are facing child support enforcement, you might feel that the child support enforcement is unconstitutional or has violated due process, or that your child support order violates constitutional rights. This does […]
  • Should You Coach Your Child Interview with the Judge?

    Attorneys say that children should not have to worry about these adult issues yet the court is going to affect the time and access that child has with each of the parents, so yes the children will worry. The child is not divorcing the parents and should not lose time and access with one of […]
  • Simple, Easy Steps for Fighting False Allegations!

    Facing false allegations of Child Abuse is horrendous but far too common. Defend yourself properly..
  • State Bar lobbyists Oppose 50/50 Bill in Texas – Watch Testimony Here

    TFLF (Texas Family Law Foundation) continues to make arguments against equal parenting bills in Texas. This year it’s HB 453 and last year it was HB 2363, even though the current laws have been shown to hurt children and parents. Representative White asks The Family Law Foundation President JoAl Cannon Sheridan questions about the equal […]
  • Status Quo in Family Code Statutes are Going to Have to Change

    This is a continuation of the last blog I wrote yesterday on how the Standard Possession order statutes managed to turn into minimum possession orders and weaved their way through the Family Code in Texas to whittle away at parental rights. So we have written 4 new Bills that several people are carrying to the […]
  • Strategies: Establishing Clear Rules Of Law Parental Rights

    Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts teaches parents how to navigate the family court process, invoke protections of your parental rights, protect the child, and protect your right to continue to make the choices you feel are best for your child, rather than have a court impose what they believe is in the best interest of the child.
  • Strategies: Establishing Clear Rules of Law Parental Rights (continued)

    Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts teaches parents how to navigate the family court process, invoke protections of your parental rights, protect the child, and protect your right to continue to make the choices you feel are best for your child, rather than have a court impose what they believe is in the best interest of the child.
  • Support for Equal Parenting is Good for Children…

    Forcing parents into high conflict litigation over rights each parent already has before they walk through the court doors, is harmful to children. Yep, even when parents disagree, it is better for children to be with each parent equally! “Hostility from a divorce is the best predictor of poor outcomes for children (Bonach 2005; Semple […]
  • TAKE ACTION NOW IF YOU WANT EQUAL RIGHTS IN TEXAS: Texas Parents Taking Fight to State Capitol Through the Telephone Are Making an Impact!

    Call Rep. Debbie Riddle’s office at 512-463-0572 Call Rep. Toni Rose’s office at 512-463-0664 Call Rep. Scott Sanford’s office at 512-463-0356 A legislative Aid will answer and tell her/him to please pass along your wishes to the representative that you would like them to pass the bill through committee to the house floor right away. […]
  • Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin Settle on No Child Support

    Kail and Javi settle on 50 50 parenting and no child support. These two young parents, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have settled on equal parenting, 50/50, and no child support. You might think, “Aha, I bet the attorneys are pissed, no more gravy train.” Or you might be thinking, “The state is never going […]
  • Tender Years Proves the Constitution Applies in Family Court

    IF THE CONSTITUTION DOESN’T APPLY IN FAMILY LAW THEN HOW DID SO MANY STATE SUPREME COURTS RULE THAT THE TENDER YEARS DOCTRINE VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION? If the constitution doesn’t apply in family law then how did so many state supreme courts rule that the tender years doctrine violated the constitution? If the judge, attorney, or […]
  • Texas Attorney General Paxton Recognizes Parental Rights and Validates the Palmers’ Book

    Texas Attorney General Paxton Recognizes Parental Rights are Protected by Strict Scrutiny in New Attorney General Response Opinion, KP-0241 Parents have been taught not to argue parental rights in family court. In fact, bringing up parental rights can be as damning as mentioning parental alienation in some courts still. The parents are laughed at by […]
  • TEXAS Equal Parenting Bill HB 2363 is DEAD!

    HB 2363 Equal Parenting Bill has DIED. Calendar committee has adjourned and never even added this bill to their list. STOP CALLING the Calendar Committee tonight. We will be releasing a new strategy shortly. Please register on this page to receive an e-mail update on this. Go here and register your e-mail: The fight is not over. […]
  • Texas Equal Parenting Bill HB 803 gets a hearing. What does this mean for you if the bill passes? And how do you Testify on this Bill?

    This bill just codifies what you already have a right to. You have a right to equal parenting, your child has a right to its parents having equal parenting.
  • Texas Equal Parenting Bills for 2019

    Parents in Texas, this year 2019, have an opportunity to add an equal parenting plan and order to the Texas Family Code Standard Possession Order (SPO) section. Historically, the SPO has only contained one plan that gives a noncustodial joint custody parent First, Third, and Fifth weekends of every month and Thursday evenings.
  • Texas Equal Parenting Bills get a Hearing

    Texas Legislators Feeling the Pressure Propose Equal Parental Rights Bills along with a Sanction Bill Aimed at Father’s Rights Groups Texas has several bills related to equal parenting this year. Why so many? Texas Family Code is complex. These bills are intended to blend equal parenting into the Standard Possession Order (SPO) section of the […]
  • Texas has an Equal Parenting Proposed Bill HB 2157

    The first equal parenting bill of the Texas 86th legislative session just made it onto the books. Rep. Mayes Middleton, a newly elected Texas State Representative has thrown his hat into the ring. Last time a legislator proposed an equal parenting bill in Texas was Gilbert Pena, then also a freshman legislator, who did not […]
  • Texas Has Had 10 Proposed Equal Parenting Bills Over 12 Years – You Will be Surprised What was in Those Bills and What Legislators Have Been There the Entire Time

    Texas has Killed 7 Equal Parenting Bills Over the Last Twelve Years! Two of Texas’ current equal parenting bills have made it further than it’s predecessor two sessions ago. But other equal parenting bills have made it as far as these two and have still died. Even when bills get scheduled to be heard on […]
  • Texas Interference with Child Custody Enforcement Bill

    Texas has an Interference with Child Custody Enforcement Bill Moving through the Legislature Mirroring What we Suggested in Our Green Book. It has picked up Both Democrat and Republican Sponsors!
  • Texas Legislative Equal Parenting Packet

    You can get this packet for free from The National Family Law Policy Center here. Take with you when you are discussing why and how equal parenting protects children.

    Best interest of the child is an invidious and venerable phrase. It is one of the best marketing phrases ever invented. This phrase allows a judge in a family court to do whatever the court chooses, and if a parent challenges a judge, the court uses it to remove that parent from the child’s life, […]
  • Texas Spousal Maintenance Chapter 8 Enforcement Final Divorce Decree Template

    There are rules to spousal maintenance in Texas: Address these in your final divorce decree. You need to ensure that....
  • Texas State Bar Lobbying Arm Caught Misleading Legislators

    The Texas Family Law Foundation (TFLF), a lobbying arm of the Texas State Bar, made a recent attack on parental rights bill, HB 453 in Texas; a Bill that puts an equal parenting time option into the family code. TFLF circulated a flyer to the members of the 85th legislature warning that if the legislators passed […]
  • Texas versus Roe v Wade

    Listen closely. This is the most exciting news since Casey. The Texas fetal heartbeat law, SB8, will change how parental righton for your parental rights too!
  • Thank you Joseph Sorge and Divorce Corp…

    I wanted to take this moment to thank Joseph Sorge and his Divorce Corp. team for the opportunity he created this past weekend at the family law conference #famlawconf in D.C. and for taking his time and resources to film the rally. Joe has been an asset to this cause that goes beyond words. He […]
  • The Battle – Parental Equality Movie Releasing Soon

    The official trailer for "The Battle" is out. Philly Slimm highlights and profiles the ills associated with parents being separated
  • The Best Interest Controversy

    The best interest controversy is what makes the entire child custody system a fraud and you can prove it.
  • The Child-Support Lie and The Title IV-D Reply

    The Texas legislature is saying that parents are only asking for equal custody so that they can get out of paying child-support. The Texas legislature is doing what the Texas legislature has done best since the day it became a state, discriminating against those the state disfavors. How many United States Supreme Court cases where […]
  • The Constitution is the law that defines and limits the powers of government.

    No wonder the state courts have resisted using it in family law. Their powers have gone virtually unlimited.
  • The Constitution Protects Equal Parenting

    The best lies always have a kernel of truth in them. Your equal parenting rights are protected through multiple means as fundamental rights.
  • The Dad Dilemma with Lisa Ling and CNN

    We have a long way to go with educating the public on the dad delemma and where the public's thoughts go on these issues.
  • The Fight for Parental Rights Just Got Stronger: New Motions to Help Parents Fight for Child Custody

    The Equal Protection package is part of the movement for the fight for parental rights and children’s rights and was created to help parents get the declaratory judgment brief arguments in front of their state court quickly. This package is the first in a series of motions that we have developed to help people protect […]
  • The movie “The Judge” highlights our divorce culture stereotype

    What is everyone missing in their reviews of this movie? Something you would only catch if you’ve been through it of course, the looming child custody battle. I was all ready to watch a movie about a father and son with an estranged relationship in the new Robert Downey, Jr. movie “The Judge.” What I […]
  • The one thing to do to change custody battle momentum

    Parents find themselves in runaway custody battles every day. They get hammered for simple things that all parents do but when in a divorce custody battle these get used against you. You can often see the change in attitude of the judge when some minor issue is presented in such an inflammatory way that the […]
  • The Rotten Deal – Shared Parenting and Joint Parenting Bills are NOT Delivering

    Many highly respected advocates like National Parenting Organization (NPO) for parental rights have been giving high praise to some of the new shared parenting bills. One in particular is the new Missouri Bill HB1550 that goes into effect this month, August 28, 2016. This Bill has some very good provisions in it which we will […]
  • Things Texas Does Not Want You to Know About Their Family Code.

    Could Equal Parenting Plans Actually Benefit Child Support? No wonder Texas doesn’t want nonattorneya teaching others about their code. We might reveal something in there that they would rather continue to be overlooked and not challenged. I found something super exciting in the Texas Family Code today. I found an interpretation of the code that […]

    SUPPORT PARENTS THAT ARE WILLING TO MAKE THE TOUGH DECISIONS AND STAND UP FOR THEIR PARENTAL RIGHTS Unfortunately, this mother, Katina, didn’t know her rights or how to assert them. That hasn’t stopped her from exercising her right to protect her child to determine what’s best for her child. Now is your chance to show […]
  • Tool of the Day: Breaking Up The Family — Add This Caselaw Quote to Your Pleadings

    Supreme Court on Breaking up the Family: If a State were to attempt to force the breakup of a natural family, over the objections of the parents and their children, without some showing of unfitness and for the sole reason that to do so was thought to be in the children's best interest...
  • Top Five Steps to Plan Parenthood after Divorce and Single Parenting

    Tools for Creating Parenting Plan Calendars and Motions for Child Custody Suits. Doing these things can reduce litigation and result in a parenting plan that you can live with. All of this works even if you are dealing with a narcissistic parent or a toxic parent as well. Planning parent hood whether in a divorce, separated, […]
  • Top Republican Admits Unfair Judge Rulings can be Deadly and Fathers are Entitled to Equal Time

    A video of one of the most powerful Republican Congressmen, Pete Sessions, shows Sessions saying that injustice in the family courts has lead to deadly results, and that father’s are entitled to equal time, but that our culture has stood in the way. Sessions admits that unfair judge rulings can lead to violence, and that […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Section 110.002

    Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5. Government Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom   TRFRA Section 110.002 Application Analysis: This section explains the reach of the chapter and where it applies. Essentially, it applies everywhere and to every single government actor. It does not exempt courts or judges. It very clearly and plainly says […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Section 110.004

    Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5. Government Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom TRFRA Section 110.004 Defense Analysis: This short section makes clear that the religious freedom limits on government action can be raised as a defense in any suit whether the government is a party or not. This means that in a SAPCR […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Section 110.005

    Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5. Government Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom TRFRA Section 110.005 Remedies Analysis: For many people, this section will be the good part. Section 110.005 provides the remedies that you can receive from the state. It sets the amount of damages you can receive and addresses how you go […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Section 110.007

    Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5. Government Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom   TRFRA Section 110.007 One-Year Limitations Period Analysis: This short section of Chapter 110 is very important for anybody seeking relief under the code. You cannot delay. You cannot wait around and say “I will do it tomorrow or next week.” […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Section 110.008

    Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5. Government Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom TRFRA Section 110.008.  Sovereign Immunity Waived Analysis: This section is important because sub-section (a) specifically waives sovereign immunity. You may already know that you cannot sue a state because state’s have sovereign immunity from suit. One exception to this is when the […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Statute 110.001

    Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5. Government Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom   TRFRA Section 110.001 Definitions Analysis: This section defines two terms “Free exercise of religion” and “Government agency,” and tells us to look to federal precedent in determining whether an interest is a compelling interest under this chapter. (look below to […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Statute 110.003

    Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5. Government Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom TRFRA Section 110.003 Religious Freedom Protected Analysis: This section actually states what the government may not do regarding religious freedom. It says that a “government agency may not substantially burden a person’s free exercise of religion.” This statement uses the two […]
  • TRFRA Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act Statute 110.006

    Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Title 5. Governmental Liability Chapter 110. Religious Freedom TRFRA Section 110.006 Notice; Right to Accommodate Analysis: This is the section that describes what must go into the notice letter, when the notice letter isn’t required, and how the offending official may remedy the burden on religious freedom. This section […]
  • Trump Directs DOJ to Rescind Letter to Judges to Show Mercy on Child Support Debtors.

    Are Parents and Disabled Veterans being Jailed for Child Support they Cannot Pay and Denied Medications? Child Support Magistrate Josephine Clark threw a fully disabled veteran, Joshua Jones, in jail on September 14, 2016 for inability to pay a child support order. The sentence she gave him was to sit in jail “indefinitely” until he […]
  • Two Bills with Death Threats – Equal Parenting Bill and Abortion Bill – Guess Which One is Still Moving Forward?

    Texas Representative Tony Tinderholt, is sponsoring a controversial pro-life bill 948 with real death threats. And even though he and his wife and baby have to have police protection! The Blaze and the Dallas Morning News reports that “In spite of the threats, Tinderholt intends to continue fighting for his bill.” So questions have been stirring about […]
  • TYLA free Divorce Decree Template

    When you file for a divorce it is important to know what the final result looks like. Knowing this can be very helpful in getting your divorce finalized and off of the battlefield. Once your soon-to-be ex-spouse knows that none of her/his complaints about you that don’t rise to the level of breaking laws, and […]
  • U. S. Attorney General Agrees that Parents Are Not Being Treated Right in Family Courts

    The department of justice agrees that parents and children are not being served justice in the family courts, that parents should not be put into debtor’s prisons, that unlawful and harmful practices were taking place, and that their constitutional rights are being violated. They suggested that family law reform take place. While this letter provides […]
  • Universities Teaching Misandry Lead to Gender Bias in Custody Disputes and Bullying

  • Update on Declaratory Judgment — Proof of Service and What Happens Next

    So while relieved, that the service process is done, we are greatly disappointed with the games that all of the defendants have played already. And hopefully they don’t try to call this the legal process and claim that it is from lack of legal training. Something as important as our children and our right to protect […]
  • UPDATE on Status of Declaratory Judgment Filing

    UPDATE ON DECLARATORY JUDGMENT PROGRESS: The status of the declaratory judgment is as follows: We have an attorney reviewing the pleadings and complaint this week, the first week of September 2015. Everyone who donates $20 or more will receive an e-book on declaratory judgments as soon as that is completed and can be released. We […]
  • Update on the Texas Equal Parenting Bill HB2363

    On Thursday March 12, 2015 as many of you know Ron Palmer and Stuart McMullen had their meeting with Representative Pena regarding the Equal Parenting Bill HB2363 and putting the Protecting Parent-Child Bonds Bill as a rider onto HB2363. First, Ron and Stuart went by Rep. Dutton’s office (Chair of the Juvenile Justice and Family Issues […]
  • US Supreme Court says Child Custody right is as important as Alimony right

    While I wouldn’t recommend it to most people, studying Supreme Court opinions is something I do for fun. I read them over and over again. I search them for new and different words or phrases. Tonight in doing this a number of things jumped out at me but one in particular really struck home. How […]

    Recently we had an interesting discussion with a very notable state court justice regarding family law. He introduced us to a method of achieving equal custody that we had never heard of before nor had ever considered, but as we have come to expect from this justice, it was pure genius. I’m not going to […]
  • Was Joint Custody Appropriate for Little Boy Jude Sandberg Killed by Mother in Orono?

    Is joint custody appropriate in situations such as Jude? The appellate court reviewed this question recently and rendered their opinion on April 3, 2017, just a few short months before Jude was killed by his mother in Orono.  Despite the high conflict between the parents, allegations of mental health of the mother, allegation of a […]
  • Was the Standard Possession Order ever Intended to be Standard?

    According to Appellate Judge Puryear, the legislators never intended for the Standard Possession Order in Texas to be the standard default possession order. Judge Puryear states in a concurring opinion made in 2005 that the joint managing conservator statute § 153.001, mandates “only minimal restriction on either parent’s possession or access,” id. § 153.193. Puryear says […]
  • Washington State’s Equal Parenting Law is Being Ignored!

    Washington State has had an equal parenting law since 2002! Who knew?
  • Were you convinced that if you just did what the attorneys and the family law court told you to do that you couldn’t possibly lose your child?

  • What and Why Do Divorce Lawyers Do in Their Own Divorce?

    I found an article called “What do Divorce Lawyers Do In Their Own Divorces” written by J. Richard Kulerski, attorney and partner in the Law firm of Kulerski & Cornelison published on February 6, 2012 at Huff Post Divorce[1] particularly interesting. There were several things that caught my attention. J. Richard Kulerski asks “What do […]
  • What are the legal rights of separated parents in Kentucky?

  • What are the Top 10 Objections that Attorneys Give for Not Arguing Your Parental Rights . . . And How Do I Overcome Them?

    You might have encountered an attorney or two, or three, or fifty that will all tell you the same thing, arguing parental rights in family court will do nothing but irritate the judge and you will lose custody of your child to the other parent. So you are afraid to argue your parental rights and […]
  • What are Your Rights in Family Law Courts?

    There seems to be dispute as to what your rights are when you enter a family law courtroom. You really don’t have time to wait. You need to find what can help you now! DURING my research I came across a groundbreaking method that could save your child from being put in the middle by the […]
  • What do you do when there is no attorney that knows how to protect you?    

    Does your attorney have a duty to inform you of and to protect your constitutional rights?
  • What do you do when your child says, “How come you ain’t never liked me?”

    The co-parenter app is an app that works similar to Our Family Wizard with some additional features. It has a button where you can get a mediator 24/7 to help you resolve a dispute with your ex and another button where you can find an attorney. The mediators are trained by a retired judge who helped develop the app.

    …A HABIT LOOP! Many of you have gotten frustrated because you know that change is needed, but you haven’t been able to get enough people interested in the change, and those that do get interested lose interest. Some lose interest because they feel they don’t believe that meaningful change will ever really happen or change […]

    What if the other parent didn’t think that they could gain advantage over you by getting you kicked out of the house, spending more time with the kids than you, and by turning the children on you… What if the other parent didn’t think that they could have a better life financially in divorce… Would […]
  • What is a Child’s Right to Stability?

    What is a child's Right to Stability in constitutional law?
  • What is My Case Worth? 25 Hidden Costs of Divorce You Might Not Be Told About

    Did you know that when you go through DIVORCE that you are going to be required to pay for far more than just your attorney if there is a custody battle? There are hidden expenses in the family courts and we thought you ought to know about them. You could be ORDERED TO PAY for the following […]
  • What is the Truth about Dobbs Overturning Roe?

    What was the Real Controversy the Supreme Court used to Overturn Roe? The Supreme Court accepted the case Dobbs, State Health Officer of the Mississippi Department of Health, et al. v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, et al. certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit during its October 2021 term on […]
  • What the motions are about

  • What’s the biggest mistake that parents make in their child custody battles…

    The path wasn’t there for me…                                                                        so I followed who I thought were the experts… When I was going through […]
  • When Does Divorce Court Have the Authority to Take Your Equal Time from You with Your Child?

    This post is sharing some more valuable content on child custody and divorce from our soon to be released book “Not in the Child’s Best Interest.” This excerpt explains more on parens patriae, its role, and where the power and authority originate in child custody: “If the State intervenes in the custody rights of parents, […]
  • When Does the Judge Get to Decide Best Interest of Your Child and Over Rule the Parent? When Does The Child Get to Over Rule the Parent?

    Does the mere act of getting divorced or having conflict in the divorce process serve a unique role with children’s rights? Do children of divorce get to decide their own best interest in divorce, in the way that a child’s right to abortion is a unique right no longer dependent on their parent’s permission or […]
  • When Parents Try to Tell Someone There is a Problem in Family Court…

    You try to talk to your neighbor or your child’s teacher and tell them that you really didn’t do anything wrong but that the judge ignored your civil rights, and you most likely are met with disbelief. Worse, if you try to bring up the fact that civil rights exist in family law to your […]
  • When to Change Attorneys

    You hire an attorney and think you are protected. You went into the hearing thinking the attorney was going to convince the judge that there was no reason you couldn’t have equal time with your child, but instead the judge says that because you and the other parent cannot agree that you will have every […]
  • When you are a member but get the Member Required page

  • Where do You Stand on Protecting Parent-Child Bonds

    Where do you stand on  Protecting Parent-Child Bonds is a question we should be asking to every politician, judge, and family law attorney. It is imperative that we begin setting the expectation in our society that children need to be protected and that children are best protected when the rights of fit parents are protected. […]
  • Which legislators are interested in family law bills in Texas?

      There are multiple bills sponsored already in Texas that affect the parent-child relationship in one way or another. One bill makes it criminal for a Guardian ad Litem to release confidential information. Another bill puts a time limit of one year on a temporary order when the suit is filed by a nonparent. And […]
  • Who Decides Best Interest

    Did you think that the judge decides best interest of the child superior to you! This video is a clip arguing who decides best interest and when, how it is defined by the U.S. Supreme Court, etc. If you were wondering what do you tell your attorney and your judge when they try to take […]
  • Why aren’t More Parents Fighting Back – Part 1?

    According to the RAND corporation study “Rebellion and Authority” findings, the answer to this might be shocking – the cost is not...
  • Why aren’t More Parents Fighting Back – Part 2

    Why Aren’t More Parents Fighting Back in child custody courts? When the cost is not high enough judges and attorneys are not going to respond either. They will continue to operate on the premise that they don’t have to worry about how parents feel about what they are doing. Judges and attorneys do not see […]
  • Why Did Equal Parenting Bill HB 453 in Texas Die?

    Chair Dutton officially announces the death of the equal parenting bill HB 453 on May 3, 2017. And he makes an unprecedented public statement to all equal parenting proponents that as long as who they perceive as supporters of equal parenting are making threats (or what they perceive as threats — we have been told that […]
  • Why Didn’t We Do a Class Action Lawsuit?

    Class action lawsuits require you to be dependent on attorneys to argue them? We did not choose this route. Why would we? Why would we trust that there would be any attorneys who know how to argue your rights when they have proven not to know how to do this already? Most attorneys don’t even […]
  • Why would attorneys, the ABA and the ACLU oppose Measure 6 that protects children?

    The people that are supposed to protect you from government intrusions are opposing a Measure that strives to protect children from abuse of power in the family courts. While it is true the measure comes up a little short it’s not in the ways that the attorneys and the American Bar Association might lead you […]
  • Why Your Attorney Cannot Provide What We Provide

    Your attorney, even the good ones, are deeply trapped by this corrupted system. We are not.
  • Will Educating Judges Stop Parental Alienation?

    I am frequently sent requests to sign parental alienation petitions. The most recent one had four stated goals. The third goal stating: “3: Education of Social Services, CAFCAS, Judges and schools.”* Whenever I see one that talks about educating judges and social workers, I hesitate, not because I don’t want them educated, but because every […]
  • Will Gays Suffer Discrimination in Divorce Too?

    You think you’ve cured injustice by obtaining equal rights to marriage. You think you won’t suffer prejudice and discrimination anymore after you have the right to marry and divorce. Just wait until you try to divorce with children. You will be discriminated against all over again and thrown right back into a despised class as […]
  • Will the Constitution help Kelly Rutherford bring her children back from France to the U.S.?

  • Would I Have Paid an Attorney If I had Known…

    …that they were going to subject me to a costly, time-consuming, gut wrenching, life altering battle that could have been avoided by applying my constitutional parental rights in the first place! (By the way, choosing not to apply the constitution does not mean that the constitution does not apply to the family courts. It means […]
  • Writing Policy: Citing Wikipedia

    Fix Family Courts was founded to help parents and their family law attorneys. It is not designed to provide academic or scholarly work. Our publications are designed to help parents and their attorneys prove constitutional legal arguments in courtrooms. Therefore, we ensure that every legal theory or argument we publish is well-supported by case law […]
  • Wyoming has a Proposed Parental Rights Bill that could end parental alienation and legal abuse!

    Wyoming has a proposed parental rights bill, HB0153. And it is a really good one. Super simple and to the point. Hooray! But don’t get too excited yet. It hasn’t passed yet. It has a lot of sponsors but now you need to do the work to get it approved. Don’t let the work of […]
  • Wyoming Parental Rights Bill Passes Both House and Senate

    This Bill, HB0153, sponsored by House Representative Mark Jennings, is just waiting for the President of the Senate and then the Governor to sign. Once that is done, this bill goes into effect on July 1, 2017. Parental rights receive protection in Wyoming.
  • You Are Not Ready to Win Child Custody if You are Not Ready to Lose…

    …your fear. If you cannot walk into that court room and say you will not give in then you are not ready to win your child custody hearing and you will be subject to the worst kind of bullying, abuse, bigotry, intimidation and loss you have ever known. (CLICK HERE for help with child custody hearing […]

    FIRST CLASS EVER THAT TEACHES PARENTS TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE I stood there staring at the judge in disbelief…He was just sitting up there acting like I wasn’t there, like I didn’t matter, like there was nothing wrong with what he has done to me and my children. And worse, he had the gall to […]
  • You Invited the Courts Into Your Life is What They Say — Find Out What Your Rights say here . . . Episode 4 UPLa

    Before you believe that “You Invited the Courts Into Your Life” in your child custody battle, listen to Ron B Palmer’s 4th episode of UPLa. This podcast provides you with information your attorney is not telling you, at least not yet. Hi and welcome to another podcast of Ron’s Unauthorized Perspective on Law with analysis, […]
  • You only care about your Parental Rights

    Has a judge ever told you that you only care about your parental rights not about your child's best interests? Would you like to know how to properly respond?
  • You trusted your attorney and you lost!

    Are family law attorneys violating their ethical requirements when they refuse to protect your constitutional rights? Can they be punished or sued for this? The American Bar Association provides a set of rules for attorney professional conduct. In its preamble it lists a lawyer’s responsibilities that says. “[2]… As advisor, a lawyer provides a client […]
  • Your Get Out of Jail Free Card! Free Sample Pleading Writ of Habeas

  • Your Rights are not Dependent on the Legislature!

    “Ultimately all judicial power rests with the Supreme Court of the United States. They are the final arbiter of all judicial issues.” The three branches of government are set up as co-equal branches of government so that no one branch of our government can rule over the others. “Our founders didn’t want any part of […]