TOOL OF THE DAY: Storing and Sharing Your Evidence
CATEGORY: Family Law

Organization can be a problem when you are going through divorce, especially when there are property issues and child custody disputes.

We found that the best way to store your files and share them is on a Google Drive, a private wiki, or a file sharing site like basecamp.

Google drive is free for a limited amount of storage. When you need more storage there is a minimal fee of $1.99 for the first addition. Then after that there are higher fees.

There are many free wiki sites out there, but the storage may be limited when it is free, so make sure that you build your storage for your litigation purposes on a site where you can upgrade. Make sure that you can afford that site’s upgrade cost.

My favorite is Basecamp by far! If you have a little money to invest, for as little as $20 a month you can have a basecamp where you can store, share, and have discussions all in one place. It is well worth the investment. And right now, you can try and use basecamp for free for two months! You can find more information about basecamp here:

These are all better alternatives than e-mailing all of your evidence. E-mailing can be extremely time consuming, difficult to keep track of, require that the person you send it do save it somewhere on their computer, and if you change attorneys you have to e-mail it all over again to your new one!

With any of the options above all you have to do is remove the old user and add your new ones. Check them all out. And let us know what you think.

Let us know if you have any questions or just want to share your experience and suggest a tool or two. We might feature that in our next daily tool or add it to this one.

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    • Jennifer Waddell

      Dropbox is another great tool for sharing/storing your files. You get a lot of space up front for free. You can easily update in real time from any device, and even access all of it offline by using the Dropbox app. You can pick and choose what files to share, what folders to share and with who. I can very quickly pull up a document/photo/video from my Dropbox using my android phone. I also love that you can easily set up your devices to automatically back up the photos, screenshots, videos, etc. that you take from the device onto your Dropbox account. It does all that in the background when you are connected online. It’s a great option for backing up your stuff in case you damage or lose your phone/tablet. Jennifer Waddell

      • Sherry Palmer

        Thanks Jennifer. We have used that before. I didn’t like it as much as Google Drive though because I had to send the link to each file. Perhaps I didn’t know all of the features.

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