Choosing an Attorney, a soon-to-be released book designed to help you find the right attorney, and help you achieve your child custody goals for once and not the goals designed by the current system. It’s no longer necessary for you to take blind chances with your rights with your child. With this book, you have a guide for what measures to take to ensure that the attorney you find is willing to assert your parental rights, increase your chances to avoid the divorce court winner-take-all destruction, and navigate the emotionally draining, physically taxing, and financially devastating wringer suffered by generations. (Register here before the book is released and be the first to receive this e-book Choosing an Attorney for free (limited time offer).) Like us on Fix Family Courts Facebook page. This is a book you shouldn’t go without. It will prepare you and help you understand the process in ways never discussed before. You could save thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars by knowing this information.)

Below is an overview of the book and the Table of Contents.

Overview – What Will I get out of This Book?

You will:

1)      Know how to choose your divorce attorney when child custody is involved.

2)      Know what you are asking your attorney to do.

  1. Know what these requests open the door to.

3)      Know your parental rights and your children’s rights.

  1. Your rights from the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution trump the ones from your state of residence.
  2. Your state of residence should only be creating statutes within the limits placed on them by the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court interpretations.

4)      Know how to ask your attorney to protect your parental rights and know how this protects your children’s rights as well.

  1. How you can help your attorney learn this?

5)      Know what divorce child custody attacks look like and how to be prepared.

  1. Have the right resources ready and available to deflect these attacks in the least expensive and least damaging way.
  2. Have a support group that will help you stay focused on the right course, avoid the traps and pitfalls of generations before you, and stay strong through the mixed messages and attacks– the threats, intimidation, guilt, shame, and blame you might be subjected to.

Table of Contents

Overview: What will I get out of this book?. 3

What should I Consider in Choosing an Attorney for my Divorce and Child Custody Dispute?  4

What are the challenges when choosing a lawyer?. 5

What are the traps and pitfalls in the system today?. 6

What do you believe about children and custody. 14

What do you believe about Divorce and the Family Law System    15

What does the system believe about divorce. 16

Choosing an attorney for a winner take all battle. 18

Choosing an attorney for equal parental rights and time. 19

What beliefs will limit your ability to get the outcome you want?  22

How do you overcome these Beliefs?. 23



Resources. 45

Support. 46

Attorney Checklist. 47

For an in-depth understanding of your parental rights get the first book in the Palmer’s “Ending the Custody Wars” series called Not in the Child’s Best Interest

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