Author: Sherry Palmer

Benefits for Members with Fix Family Courts

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, or just starting and don’t even know where to begin, we have an affordable program for you. Maybe you’re not sure if your rights are being protected or what rights you may be handing to the courts unknowingly?    Learn new strategies. Find answers on how to be more effective. Get tools for accomplishing your goals. Get out of the rut and start living again. Do you need to be able to ask a few questions about things you aren’t finding answers to elsewhere and would like to get help from Ron...

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Ohio Court passes Equal Parenting as the Standard Parenting Order Plan in Tuscarawas County!

Finally a court that is going to default to an EQUAL Standard Parenting Order when the parents cannot agree! And NO primary residential parent! Each parent is primary during the time they have possession of the child. The courts have agreed to equal for 3-13 year olds. Here is how Ohio got equal parenting passed: Legislators passed an initiative and formed a subcommittee called “the Family Law Reform Implementation” Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee on Children, Families, and the Courts”. This subcommittee was established under the Advisory Committee on Children, Families, and the Courts. And then they had several judges,...

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Enforcing Your Child Custody Order

CHILD CUSTODY INTERFERENCE When a child custody order is created, it is created in the best interest of the child, right? So if a parent violates this order wouldn’t they be violating the best interest of the child? If your judge decided that it was in your child’s best interest to be with you on particular days for a particular amount of time and the other parent decides they are not going to surrender the child to you, not only are they disrespecting a court’s order, they are interfering with what the judge decided was best for the child....

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Caselaw Discussion – What the Attorneys are not Telling You – Cook v Cook 2017

Live broadcast today with Ron and Sherry Palmer, 3 p,m. cst time. Today, we are discussing caselaw, specifically, Cook v. Cook from Maryland. This is a 2017 case. We will be live broadcasting this discussion at 3 p.m. cst today, January 6, 2018. Whether your case is in MD or not, there will be information in this broadcast that is applicable throughout the United States. Join us as we share with you what the attorneys are not telling you. We look forward to seeing you all there. Get the case here: Cook v Cook ___ – Md – Court...

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New Way to Divorce – New Membership Option with Fix Family Courts

Divorce is scary business. Parents are hiring attorneys with the belief that the attorney is going to protect them. Your attorney will NOT protect your rights! You think you can go on with your business, carry on with your life, and just await your attorney’s instructions to finish up. Not if you are in a contested divorce you won’t. You might even think that everything will be wrapped up in about 6 to 9 months and that your retainer is enough to finish the process. That retainer in a contested divorce is just to get you invested in the...

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