Court Induced Parental Alienation

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Court-induced parental alienation™

Court-induced parental alienation™ is a trademark used by Fix Family Courts and Constitutional Scholars, Inc. It is a term used to identify our products and our company. We coined the phrase, we developed the concept, we introduced the concept and the phrase to the community, and have used it consistently as a trademark since on or before April 25, 2013.

The Trademark has been used in some of the following places:

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Wyoming has a Proposed Parental Rights Bill that could end parental alienation and legal abuse! of phrases we would consider to infringe our trademark would be: judicially-induced parental alienation, judge-induced parental alienation, system-induced parental alienation, judicial-induced parental alienation. Basically, any combination of a judicial term and the word induced applied before parental alienation. Additional other phrases that would be problematic would be court-created parental alienation, court caused parental alienation. We will feel obligated to assert our trademark rights if we see that the word court or the word induced has been replaced with a synonym or a similar word to convey the same or similar idea.