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Activist Creates Affordable Container Home Solution for the Homeless

More and more parents going through divorce are suffering homelessness after being driven into bankruptcy by the process. In Florida, one activist Glen Gibbelina has a solution, a tiny container home.

Activist Creates Affordable Container Home Solution for the Homeless

Activist Glen Gibbelina courtesy of The Herald

Glen has been a family court reform activist for almost two decades. He was just featured in The Herald Tribune and The Manatee for building these homes for homeless students.

The Tribune states “Several factors can contribute to homelessness: mental illness, addiction, low wages, loss of a job, unexpected medical bills, costly child care, a lack of affordable housing.”

But as is often the case in many media outlets, leaves out a very important reason a child, veteran, or person might be homeless, DIVORCE, child support, and alimony.

Watch Video here on how Glen builds these with just three simple tools.

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Written by Sherry Palmer

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