Protecting Family Rights Course

Protecting Family Rights online course.

For less than most people pay an attorney for an hour, you can have 15 hours of class lecture on your parental rights and child’s rights! you will want to get this class before you hire an attorney so you can make sure that your attorney knows what you are really hire him/her to do.

If you do not learn this information before you hand over thousands of dollars of retainer money to your attorney, you might just waste that money on things you really didn’t need.

This course teaches you constitutional parental rights online at your convenience. You can go through this course as fast or as slow as you would like any time of the day or night right from the comfort of your own home on your computer.

By taking this course you will know more about how to orally argue your rights and your child’s rights in the family courts.* Get more insight and understanding about your rights and how they protect your child’s rights in this class.

After you watch this course, get the declaratory relief motions and use those to get in front of the judge to have the rights issues ruled on in your case. Check with an attorney to find out how to file those in your state.

Next time a judge or attorney asks you why you think you are entitled to equal rights and time to your child, you will be able to argue using legal authorities and the power that your rights provide.

Take this course if you want to be empowered to stand up to any bullying or hostile treatment you may face when someone tries to come between you and your child.

We use the book called “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest” as the primary textbook. Other books and resources are used to teach this course.

DISCLAIMER: The instructors are not attorneys and there are no guarantees from any of these classes. If you use information from these classes you do so at your own risk. None of the information is an exercise of law. None of this information is a substitute for an attorney. You are encouraged to seek the assistance of an attorney to integrate this information into your case.