Attorney Parent Agreement

Attorney Parent Agreement

How do you tell your attorney what you want? You show them this document and ask them to agree to it before you hire them. Get your attorney to sign this contract evAttorney-Contract---Video-Playen if you have already hired them.

This contract is in Word document format so that you can add your attorney name and your personal information. And you get our support on this document. If you don’t understand the rights in your contract, you can get the book, “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest” that explains these rights in more detail. (Want to see a sample, you can watch this webinar: Attorney-Parent Contract webinar.)

This contract lists out your rights, your child’s rights, and lets your attorney know what you want and what you will not tolerate. You can save thousands of dollars by presenting this to your attorney and learning what they are willing to do or not do for you before you write them a huge check for thousands of dollars. You can get this Word document right now today for just $4.99. (This helps us continue to develop more materials and provide education to the public on these issues.)

This contract gives you access to one of the most powerful documents you can have in your arsenal when you are shopping for an attorney and when you need to get your current attorney to understand what kind of representation you hired them for. This document makes it easier to communicate to your attorney the rights that you want protected for you, your child, and your family’s future.Noncustodial parents should be aware that in most cases you could get the same bad results without ever having hired an attorney. If you would like to prevent this or stop this cycle start with this attorney agreement. Don’t wait to find out the hard way and use this before you lose more thousands of dollars and go through more unnecessary delays. As a nation, over 50 billion dollars a year goes into this system. So you can use this tool and save money and get right to the issues and try to get your attorney on the right track, or you can keep throwing your money away by cutting your attorney a blank check and stay in the dark with what kind of representation you just hired.

And keep in mind, your attorney has you sign agreements outlining in broad terms the services that they are going to provide you. They make sure that they are guaranteed payment. But they are not giving you specifics on how they are going to reach your goal. They don’t outline what kind of results you can expect and how much time and money that it will take to get those results. They don’t explain to you that you don’t have to do things the old way and try to prove who is the better parent. They don’t tell you that you when you try to prove you are the better parent that you are making yourself vulnerable to abuse of power and lots and lots of expense. Parents who do not get more specific with their attorney have basically written their attorney a blank check.

This attorney contract tells your attorney exactly what you want. This contract gives them a list of the rights you have as an American, the rights you have as a parent, and the rights your child has. In addition, this powerful document provides you with a contract for your attorney to sign and agree to before you give them any of your money. This contract tells your attorney to not allow unnecessary delays between hearings and to make sure that they are implementing the most efficient way to get your orders signed without delay.

Delays between hearings, unexpected costs with getting orders entered, delays entering orders, not challenging abuses of power, not preserving error so you have something to challenge if the trial judge abuses their authority or power, and delays in getting orders signed are all addressed in this contract.

This contract just might be one of the best investments you make. Buy it here today for just $4.99 and you are also supporting the continued efforts that we make at educating parents early and helping them prevent being victimized by those they thought were there to help them.

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We hope that every tool that you get from us gets you one day closer to bringing your family back together and getting the courts out of your life and pocketbook as quickly as possible!

Ron and Sherry Palmer


DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys. Please consult an attorney in your state to be counseled on your rights.