Download the Brief filed in the Declaratory Judgment in Texas

Protect your parental equality with this brief. This brief is 115 pages of argument regarding best interest of the child, child support, shifting the burden of proof from you to the state, undue burdens, exploratory searches, illegal seizures, unequal application of the laws, improper due process, and much, much more. Click on the link in this box and make a contribution for a copy of the brief and the complaint filed in the declaratory judgment case in Texas. The basic arguments in this brief can be conformed to your state to challenge any unconstitutional statutes. Your contribution helps us continue to do research and educate others on how to fight for their rights and make arguments available for every state!


If you want your rights protected in the family courts and you don't feel that you should have to fight for this protection, donate here today! Ron and Sherry filed a declaratory judgment on September 25, 2015. This was filed in a similar fashion that the gay rights movement used to declare their right to marry, and Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade used to void abortion laws. You have the right to be free from government interference in your relationship with your child after divorce and when you were never married. It shouldn't be so hard to ask for these rights to be protected from attack. Because the family courts have been denying that parents have these rights when they are in conflict with each other, we filed this to stop those abusive practices. We are trying to make this process easier for you and the next generation. Contributed today so that we can continue this fight and so that we can all see the day that you no longer have to fight to keep your full rights intact after divorce. These contributions go towards the costs of the declaratory judgment and into our Keeping Families Intact (KFI) program designed to assist others in learning their rights at reduced costs or at no cost when possible. KFI is a subdivision of Fix Family Courts working in coordination with Time to Put Kids First (TPKF - nonprofit) to help others learn how to declare the rights that all parents and children have in divorce. Thank you!

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