Express how you feel. Let others know what is happening to you.

Parents who wear our shirts find that others open up to them and connect with them, providing a support circle.

Establish connections to people with common ground.

When you get an FFC t-shirt you are also contributing to a fund that FFC uses to provide support to other parents.

When you buy a t-shirt you are connecting the world and exposing abuses of power in the family courts, and raising awareness regarding the parts of the process that are hurting people more than they are helping.

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This t-shirt will be available soon.

This t-shirt will be coming soon.

The family court process has become a greater source of harm and damage to fit parents and their children than the divorce itself...

  • Men in Nebraska receive primary custody less than 3% of the time in some counties.
  • Your bill in divorce can be greater than $20,000 in less than two months.
  • Children are used more often because of the court process in divorce than parents would do naturally.
  • Divorce attorneys and judges ignore protections of parental rights.

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