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Parental rights in child custody disputes.

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Attorney General Indoctrinating High School Students Into Child Support Program

Attorney General, Ken Paxton, is indoctrinating our children into child support in their high school health classes through a “Parenting and Paternity Awareness (P.A.P.A.) program” put in place as a mandatory program taught by the AG in your child’s health class. The A.G. is using a statute, HB 2176 passed in 2008, that tells him to…

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Texas Legislative Equal Parenting Packet

You can get this packet for free from The National Family Law Policy Center here. Take with you when you are discussing why and how equal parenting protects children.

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Prove to Me Why You Should Get 50/50…

Are the days of having to prove why you deserve equal custody of your child coming to an end? Looking through the history of the child custody laws in the state of Washington, you might not think so. Over the years, Washington residents have had several changes to their child custody statutes and no doubt…

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Should a Court Protect a Child from a Not so Great Parent?

Virtual Round Table is a new podcast with Stephen Krasner, guest blogger for Huffington Post, and Zena Crenshaw-Logal, J.D. Zena, around time marker 8:30 asks Stephen whether the court is “erring on the side of caution” and whether or not the court is justified when they create delays in order to keep a mother away from…

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Was the Standard Possession Order ever Intended to be Standard?

According to Appellate Judge Puryear, the legislators never intended for the Standard Possession Order in Texas to be the standard default possession order. Judge Puryear states in a concurring opinion made in 2005 that the joint managing conservator statute § 153.001, mandates “only minimal restriction on either parent’s possession or access,” id. § 153.193. Puryear says…

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Appellate Judge in Texas Believes that Clear and Convincing Evidence is Required in SAPCR

Judge Puryear, a Texas appellate court judge, believes that preponderance of the evidence standard is too low for determining infringement of the care, custody, and control of a child. PROPERTY RECEIVES MORE PROTECTION IN FAMILY COURT THAN CHILDREN! Judge Puryear states that property receives more protection than a parent-child relationship by the family courts currently.…

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APA Says Joint Custody is Healthier for Children…even Infants

Right now most state laws do not require a judge to order equal custody. That makes state laws contrary to the best interest of the child. The most recent study regarding infants and toddlers by Fabricius finds: “Contrary to some previous findings, the current study found benefits to both parent-child relationships associated with overnights (a) up…

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Equal Parenting Bill HB 453 in Texas has a Companion Bill in the Senate SB 816

In most states equal parenting bills are not addressing the problems that best interest leaves in place when it comes to a judge using best interest to get out of issuing an equal parenting bill. We have been complaining about best interest making equal parenting bills moot for years. And best interest being problematic because…

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GAL Program Found to Be Operating Unethically for Years

A volunteer Guardian Ad Litem, Cynthia Bemis, and its VGAL program was found by Judge Anita Farris in Washington State, Snohomish County Superior Court to be engaged in abusive litigation tactics. This is just one of many recent cases of lying and engaging in harmful tactics by a state agency. Channel 5 Reporter Susana Frame…

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Equal Parenting and Mental Health

Download, print, and take this Legislative talk sheet with you to present to your legislators: Equal-Parenting-Effects-on-Mental-Health

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