Books by Ron & Sherry Palmer

Protecting Parent-Child Bonds: The 28th Amendment

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A book for those seeking changes to our family law system through legislation and political activism. It describes a proposed amendment that will forever enshrine the protection of parent-child bonds into our United States Constitution. This Amendment spells out for all family courts that our children’s best interests are best protected by fit parents with strongly-protected and equal parental rights. If you want the family law system to change but don’t know how to make your voice count then get this book and simply send copies to your judges and legislators with a note saying “I want this constitutional Amendment.” Let this book make your arguments directly to those with the power to change the system. Buy Now

NOT In the Child's Best Interest

How divorce courts get it all wrong and How the Constitution can fix it

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This book is for parents going through child custody battles and for their attorneys. It tells you and your attorney how to fight for and win protection of your equal constitutional parental rights and protect your time with your child. It takes your child out of the middle and tells you how to tell the judge you are divorcing your spouse and not your child. It ends court-induced parental alienation. It explains in simple terms what the United State Supreme Court says about parental rights from the perspective of parents in child custody battles.

This book is written to be read and understood by parents but it also provides the arguments and citations your attorney needs to convince the divorce court to respect your rights. With citations from over 100 Supreme Court cases, Federal Appellate cases, and State Supreme Court cases, this book is much more than simply the authors’ opinions. It shows you, in the Supreme Court’s own words, what your rights are as a parent and how to assert those rights in court in words the Judge can’t easily ignore. Buy Now